Guild Wars




Guild Wars Game Update Notes

Update - Monday May 29

  • Fixed an exploit that was allowing parties to enter guild battles with more than 8 players.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Ghostly Heroes in the Unholy Temples to refuse relics.

Update - Friday May 26

  • Opened missions that were previously closed to characters created in another campaign. Characters may now play these missions, but they do not earn skill point rewards for successful mission completion.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented ectoplasm and obsidian shards from dropping in the Fissure of Woe and Underworld missions.
  • Fixed bugs and made improvements to the following quests: Closer to the Stars, To Tahnnakai Temple, Return of the Yeti, Missing Daughter, Drink from the Chalice of Corruption, Refuse to Drink, An Unwelcome Guest, and The Beak of Darkness.
  • Changed the type of chests that appear in Raisu Palace.
  • Updated audio for Korean Factions cinematics.

Update - Tuesday May 23

  • Fixed a bug that caused certain towns and outposts to experience heavy lag.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some players who did not have access to the Prophecies campaign from entering Fissure of Woe and The Underworld.
  • Fixed a crash bug in The Deep.
  • Fixed bugs and made improvements to the following quests: A Meeting With the Emperor, To Tahnnakai Temple, Luxon Supply Lines, and The Shadow Blades.
  • Changed the compositions of enemy groups in the Duel of the Houses quest.
  • Updated the merchants in Raisu Palace and Imperial Sanctum so that they now sell Forbidden Keys instead of Canthan Keys.
  • Updated the merchant in Zin Ku Corridor so that he now sells Phantom Keys and Obsidian Keys.
  • Added a name for the merchant in Tahnnakai Temple.
  • Improved the spam filter.
  • Updated Korean translations.

Update - Friday May 19

  • Made it possible to stack two or more scrolls of the same type in a single inventory slot. (Scrolls created before today's update will not stack.)
  • Made it possible to capture the elite skill Assassin's Promise.
  • Fixed bugs and made improvements to the following quests: A Formal Introduction, To Tahnnakai Temple, Stolen Eggs, The Convocation, and Welcome to Cantha.
  • Fixed a bug in The Deep that caused some players to crash when clicking on flowers.
  • Adjusted the difficulty of the following repeatable quests: Luxon Supply Lines, The Jade Arena, and Duel of the Houses.
  • Improved the skill set of Kurzick NPCs.
  • Improved the skill set of Creeping Carp.
  • Updated the Balthazar faction rewards in Shing Jea Arena to their appropriate values.
  • Modified the Zaishen arenas so that win streaks no longer contribute to progress in earning the Gladiator title.

Update - Wednesday May 17

  • Fixed exploits in the Zos Shivros Channel and Aurios Mines challenge missions. High scores for these missions will be reset on May 18.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused guild battle gates to remain closed even after "Victory or Death" had begun.
  • Fixed a bug that caused more than one boss of the same type to appear in the Altrumm Ruins.
  • Improved the monster distribution in Amatz Basin.
  • Reduced the number of control points in the Aurios Mines from eleven to nine.
  • Updated the appearance of the Isle of Jade guild hall.

Update - Wednesday May 10

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing some players from completing the Aurios Mines mission.

Update - Tuesday May 9

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented the Arborstone mission from being completed.
  • Fixed a bug in the Aurios Mines that caused the challenge to last longer than intended.
  • Made various improvements and bugs fixes to the following quests: Quimang's Last Stand, To the Rescue, Zen Daijun, Duel of the Houses, and The Jade Arena.
  • Improved the skill sets for several creatures in the Aurios Mines.

Update - Monday May 8

  • Added a special in-game thank you gift for players who purchased the Factions Collector's Edition. Type /bonusitems in an outpost or town to obtain the gift. Only one gift per account will be generated.
  • Added several new bosses to the Jade Sea and Echovald Forest to supplement elite skill captures.
  • Made various improvements and fixed bugs in the following quests: To the Rescue, Duel of the Houses, The Jade Arena, The Halcyon Job, To Tahnnakai Temple, and Urgoz's Warren.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented the Arborstone mission from being completed.
  • Improved healer henchmen so that they use the Signet of Devotion skill more wisely.
  • Improved the appearance of some ascended Assassin masks.
  • Improved energy bonuses on the Shaman's Obsidian armor.
  • Fixed a bug in the behavior of Senji the profession changer.

Update - Thursday May 4

  • Added the ability to see which skills you have already unlocked when speaking to skill trainers.
  • Added Necromancer Bloodstained Boots to armor crafters in Cantha and in the Fissure of Woe.
  • Improved Energy bonuses on craftable versions of the Mesmer Rogue's Gloves and the Monk Judge's Handwraps.
  • Improved the skill set used by Healer henchmen in Cantha.
  • Improved the healing abilities of Spirit henchmen in Cantha.
  • Improved pathing in various missions and explorable areas.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing armors from appearing in Cantha chests.
  • Fixed a bug that removed mission unlocks for PvP missions for certain older accounts, and restored mission unlocks for those accounts.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some players to see the same alliance guild more than once in the Guild window.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the spell interruption sound effect to play too loudly.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented monsters from dropping armors containing Assassin Runes of Critical Strikes and Ritualist Runes of Spawning Power.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused the Enduring Toxin skill to last indefinitely.
  • Fixed the appearance of several boss monsters.
  • Added Spawning staves with Restoration bonuses to the inventories of various crafters throughout Cantha.
  • Made various improvements and fixed bugs in the following quests: The Naga Source, Quimang's Last Stand, Skin the Snake, Cash Crops, Sparring Elements, The Agriculturist, Death with Honor, An Unwelcome Guest, Welcome to Cantha, Battle in the Sewers, Little Lost Bear, Problem Salving, Passing the Buck, Revolt of the Dredge, and Charting the Forests.
  • Corrected the appearance and levels of the henchmen team in the Vizunah Square mission.
  • Removed chests from the Eternal Grove mission to prevent an exploit.
  • Removed the second elite skill from Warden Rangers.