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Guild Wars Nightfall Prerelease Bonus Pack

The Guild Wars NightfallTM Prerelease Bonus Pack, expected to hit store shelves on September 15, will give fans their first taste of Guild Wars Nightfall with a new retail package that includes:

  • Guild Wars "Play Now" key for a 10-hour/14-day trial* of Guild Wars PropheciesTM and Guild Wars FactionsTM.
  • Guild Wars Nightfall Bonus Key, providing one additional character slot for a Guild Wars Nightfall account.
  • Two exclusive items for the new professions—a Fiery Sunspear of Shelter for the Paragon and an Icy Soulbreaker of Enchanting for the Dervish.
  • Mini strategy guide, concept art, screenshots, in-game renders of characters and items, preview trailer, wallpapers, lore, quick reference card, music, and more!

The Fiery Sunspear of Shelter is the iconic weapon of the Order of the Sunspears and consists of a tempered steel head and a long Mebahya-wood shaft, gripped at the midpoint. Behind the head, a flattened sunburst disk increases stability in flight, as does the riverhorse-bristle fletching on the butt of the weapon. Deadly in the hands of a skilled individual, the Sunspear was first used as a weapon by the early Order of the Sunspears in Istan and remains a traditional weapon of that Elonian province.

  • Fire Damage: 14–27 (requires 9 Spear Mastery)
  • +5 Energy
  • +7 Armor vs. Physical Damage

The Icy Soulbreaker of Enchanting is a lightweight but powerful Dervish weapon. Its haft is made of bound ironreed wrapped with bindings made of Elonian leather. Its head is carved from strengthened skyquartz, a shatterproof crystalline mineral mined in southern Istan. The secondary blade at the base of the weapon is also made of skyquartz, and is carved in the traditional "blades of the five gods" design. Among the Dervishes, such weapons are often passed down from mentor to student, and often are as much pieces of art as they are weapons of war.

  • Cold Damage: 9–41 (requires 9 Scythe Mastery)
  • +15% damage while enchanted
  • Enchantments last 20% longer

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* The trial code is for a maximum of 10 hours of game play over a 14 day period from the time the key is activated.