Guild Wars




PAX 10k Arena Results

By Sean Ferguson

The PAX 10K Arena consisted of a qualifying round on Saturday, where teams battled to accumulate points and advance to the next round. Sunday's games pitted the qualifiers against one another, with total points earned determining match-ups. Take a look at the pictures of each team, and see how the prizes turned out.

Team Finish Team Award/Player Award
1st place: UAX

UAX victorious

UAX with ArenaNet staff
$4,000 ($1,000 each)
2nd place: Reconnect

Pat encourages "game face"
$2,000 ($500 each)
3rd place: Kansas City Whitefish

Whitefish and their game face
$1,600 ($400 each)
4th place: Brave Starr

Brave Starr and Pat
$1,200 ($300 each)
5th place: Crippling Shot

Crippling play
$800 ($200 each)
6th place: Secksi Sushi

Sushi set up
$400 ($100 each)
7th place: Decapitated Chickens

Decapitated Chickens get their prize
$200 ($50 each)
8th place: 64 Monk Skills

64 Monk Skills use non-Monk skills
$100 ($25 each)