Guild Wars




The Old Gods


The goddess of life and air, Dwayna is the even-tempered leader of the old gods. Her followers are mainly healing Monks and Elementalists specializing in air magic (though in times of war, there are few denizens of Tyria who have not let fly a prayer to the Winged Goddess to spare them or their loved ones). Dwayna is often depicted as young, tall, and slender rising over the ground on huge feathered wings.


The god of war and fire, Balthazar is often worshipped by Warriors and Elementalists, though there are Monks who have been known to follow his scriptures as well. Army commanders and guild lords will often say a few words to the Bastion of Martial Glory before leading their followers into battle. Balthazar is frequently shown holding a greatsword, its tip lodged in the ground, with a pair of battle hounds sitting at attention at his feet.


Necromancers learn early that the way to true power is by bowing down at the foot of the god of death and ice and pledging total, undying allegiance. Statues of Grenth depict the god with the body of a man and the skeletal head of a drawn-faced beast. Often, there are followers at his feet, grasping toward his open, clawed hands, clamoring for the powers the unforgiving deity may feel so inclined to heap upon his subjects.


The twin goddesses of beauty and illusion, Lyssa is the patron god of the Mesmer profession. Many a spellcaster has fallen under the charms of these two, making it easy for them to choose to specialize in the mesmeric arts. Lyssa is usually portrayed in her natural state—a pair of twin, intertwined goddesses, back to back, no illusions or glamours involved. There are stories of young men stopping to gaze longingly at statues of the beautiful goddesses, only to forget themselves and die of thirst while simply looking on.


The goddess of earth and nature, Melandru is the favored god of Rangers and earth Elementalists. It is said the Maguuma druids at one time worshipped this deity, but there are none alive today who can confirm the truth of this rumor. Melandru is frequently depicted as a human female torso whose lower body is the trunk, branches, and roots of a living tree. Her statues attract weary travelers. Beneath her branches await plenty of fresh water and shelter from the elements.