Guild Wars





Born in: Rin
Nation: Ascalon
Profession: Warrior
Age: 24

Devona is quite serious and very direct in her dealings with other people. She aspires to be a great Warrior, just like her father. Sometimes this aspiration turns into a tremendous internal pressure to succeed. Devona's father was one of the leaders of a prestigious and well-respected guild—Ascalon's Chosen. He lost his life defending the city walls against a raid by an Orrian guild during the last Guild War. Devona was only a little girl at the time, but since that day, she has dedicated her life to mastering the martial arts of sword and hammer.

Devona is the level-headed leader of the party. She always assesses any situation before rushing in. This sometimes puts her at odds with the brash Cynn. Despite this seeming level of restrain and control, Devona does have a temper, and it can get the best of her. She would sacrifice her own life to save the life of a friend, and she frequently puts herself in harm's way to protect those who travel with her. Devona has a very deep sense of loyalty and duty. To her, there would be no greater honor than to follow in the footsteps of her father and give her life defending that which is most dear to her.