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Guild Wars Goes to Leipzig

Join us in Leipzig, Germany for the 2008 Games Convention! It's one of the biggest gaming conventions in the world and we'll be there for the whole show, from August 20 — 24. Be sure to swing by the NCsoft booth and say guten tag!

If you're considering a trip to Leipzig to get in on the fun, here's a list of some of the Guild Wars-related activities happening at the event.

Watch a live ESL Guild Wars event

The Electronic Sports League (ESL) will host an invitational event at this year's Games Convention, featuring four of the top German and European guilds. Come by the booth to watch the action and find out more about the ESL Guild Wars Pro Series, which will continue from the time of the convention until the end of the year.

Battle members of the Guild Wars team

Visitors to the booth on Sunday, August 24 can challenge members of the Guild Wars dev and community teams to a special 4v4 match.

Set the Stage for Gwen and Reyna

Participate in our "Set the Stage" competition for a shot at convention fame (and fortune, compliments of Razer). If your script is among the lucky winners, you'll not only receive some exciting prizes, you'll see your work acted out live by two famous Guild Wars characters. Click here for more information about entering the competition.

Chat with Izzy and the Community Team

Curious about the faces behind Guild Wars? Join us for an open Q&A session with game designer Izzy, and our Community Team members.

Party with us on Friday night

Looking for some more fun after the show on Friday night? Come join us and the rest of the NCsoft teams for the NCsoft Community Party at the Nachtcafe, located in the heart of Leipzig's inner city. Check out this page for more information about this exciting after-hours event.

The folks running the Leipzig Games Convention say this year's show is going to rock so hard that the ground will shake...and ArenaNet will be there to help get things shaking.

See you in Germany!