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Guild Wars at E3, 2006

Gaile's E3 Diary
We have another report from E3 available here!

Gaile's E3 Diary
Click here to read Gaile's diary from her four days at E3!

EvIL Wins the E3 Challenge!
Reigning Guild Wars World Champions The Last Pride [EvIL] added another notch to their collective belt at the E3 2006 Guild Wars Factions Challenge. The champs flattened the competition in the exclusive E3 event and left with the gold medal, striking fear into the hearts of all comers and taking their legendary status to all-new levels of greatness. EvIL beat back challenges from talented guilds like Bring Back the Rifts, Peace and Harmony, Hellas Team, and The Benecia Renovatio. Coming in at second place with the silver were I Guild I [iGi] and the bronze medal went to Bring Back the Rifts [Rift]. Congratulations to The Last Pride on another hard-earned and well-deserved Guild Wars title—we hope to see you all again at next year's E3! See the final match results here!

EvIL Crushes the Opposition at E3
The Last Pride takes no mercy on Hellas Team during the E3 Challenge. Take a look at the match results here.

A Plethora of New Photos from E3
Photos from day two are now available here!

E3 Thoughts Akimbo - Day 2
Michael Gills gives us the inside scoop on the inside happenings at E3. You may read the article here.

Day 3 and EvIL is still strong
The Last Pride manages to hold down the fort against their seventh challenger, The Benecia Renovatio. See all the current match results here.

Saihatsu Ashi gets Shut Down
The Last Pride breaks out the big guns to defeat Saihatsu Ashi. See the match results on this page.

Be Team Steps Up to the Plate
Be Team gives The Last Pride a run for their money and pushes them to the twenty minute mark. This and other match results here.

A Narrow Win for EvIL
With only 33 seconds left in the match EvIL pulls a win out of their bag of tricks. See all the match results here.

See us in the booth!
More photos are rolling in from E3. We've got some great shots of the PlayNC Booth and more in our E3 gallery.

More Photos from E3
We've got more photos! Check them out in the E3 photo gallery.

Thoughts Akimbo at E3
Michael Gills has given us his Thoughts Akimbo at E3. You can read the article here.

iGi Holds Strong
i Guild i manages to hold their own against The Last Pride in the E3 Challenge. To see all the current match results from E3 see this page.

Rift Goes the Distance!
Bring Back the Rifts goes the full twenty minutes against The Last Pride. Check out the E3 Challenge match results here.

Match Results are Coming In!
The first match results for the E3 Challenge are coming in! Click here to see who is in the lead.

E3 Photo Gallery
Fresh off the show floor, click here for some photos of Guild Wars at E3.