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PAX Event Report

The Penny Arcade Expo took place in the hometown of ArenaNet – Bellevue, Washington – on the weekend of August 28, 2004. Penny Arcade, the popular on-line comic with a gaming theme, was host for the convention, which included exhibits and demos for PC and console games as well as gaming tournaments, table-top gameplay, industry speakers, musical performances, and more.

Pre-registrations for the event numbered exactly 1337. Gabe and Tycho, co-creators of Penny Arcade, assured everyone that the number wasn’t rigged, but some Leet-speakers took that numeral as proof that the Penny Arcade Expo was going to be a hit. And it was. Attendance exceeded the projected number of participants by at least 1,000. The line to enter the Meydenbauer Center stretched around the block on Saturday, and our booth was sometimes backed up five deep with people hoping to get their hands on a little Guild Wars playtime.

About a dozen Guild Wars Team members attended PAX, showing the game, answering questions, and participating in a few impromptu interviews. It was great to share insight into Guild Wars development and to talk about the progress that we’re making on ArenaNet’s first title. Most particularly, we enjoyed having a chance to personally invite the nearly 3,000 PAX attendees to download the modest (90 KB) game client and play three days of Guild Wars during our World Preview Event on Halloween Weekend, October 29-31.

We have a small photo gallery of images from the show floor. Click here.