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April GvG Tournament Results 29 April 2010

In April GvG tournament news, Chipotle Mexican Bar And Grill [Inc] claimed victory over Seppuku Paradigm [AA] to become our champion guild of the month. For a complete list of this month's GvG rankings, head over here.

Since it's a new month, the Zaishen Chest will offer a new tonic. Use those Zaishen Keys for a chance to find May's sensational Phantasmal Tonic! To see the full tonic schedule, check out our Zaishen Rewards Calendar.

Community: Inspired Creations! 29 April 2010

In this edition of Community News, our players once again show off their creativity and wit. Read on for details!

An Anniversary Message from James Phinney 28 April 2010

To wrap up today's fifth year anniversary, ArenaNet's own Design Director, James Phinney, has a few words of appreciation to share with all of you. Head over to the new ArenaNet Blog to read what he has to say!

The Official ArenaNet Blog Launches 27 April 2010

We're kicking off the brand-new ArenaNet Blog with the Guild Wars 2 Design Manifesto, a message to MMO players from ArenaNet Studio Head Mike O'Brien which outlines the bold new direction GW2 will take. That's just the beginning – we've got a lot of cool stuff planned! Check out the new blog here!

Help Us Celebrate Five Years of Guild Wars 22 April 2010

Guild Wars is turning five! We're throwing a big party to thank you all for five fantastic year—we couldn't have made it this far without you. Come join the festivities starting at Noon PST on April 22nd. Head over here to learn more!

GameSpot Interview: Linsey Murdock on War in Kryta 16 April 2010

Live Team Lead Designer Linsey Murdock recently chatted about the War in Kryta with GameSpot. Learn more about the war and the effect it will have on Guild Wars 2—read the interview here!

War in Kryta Costumes Now Available! 15 April 2010

To commemorate the historic War in Kryta, we're offering two brand-new costumes! Show your support for the rebellion with a stealthy Shining Blade uniform or impersonate the enemy with an authoritarian White Mantle disguise.

Pick up your War in Kryta costumes in the Guild Wars In-Game Store and the NCsoft Store and join the battle!

Community: MantleCon, a Toga Party, and More! 13 April 2010

Our incredible player community has some great events planned in the coming weeks—find out more in Community News!

New Live Update: War on the Horizon 7 April 2010

Today we've added all-new content that sets the stage for major upcoming events in the beleaguered nation of Kryta. Desperate to keep their grip on power, the White Mantle have cracked down on their populace by bringing in ruthless Peacekeepers. Elsewhere, the asura Arcane Council places the golemancer Zinn on trial. Read the update notes for more details!

Welcome Stephane and Emily! 1 April 2010

We're extremely excited to announce two new members to the Guild Wars Community Team—Stéphane Lo Presti and Emily Diehl! Stéphane will join ArenaNet as our French Community Manager, reforging a valuable link between the studio and our French-speaking fans. Many of you may already know ArenaNet veteran Emily Diehl for her work as producer on our websites and wiki. Now she's joining Community, where she'll help Martin, Regina, and Stéphane cook up lots of interesting plans for the upcoming year. Be sure to stop by Stéphane and Emily's wiki pages to say hello!

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