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Bosses Branded! 31 July 2007
The Guild Wars Team has dug itself out from under a deluge of emails received as entries in the "Brand the Bosses 2007" Contest. From more than 7,500 entries, 100 finalists have been chosen, including 10 winners and 20 honorable mentions. Find out the monikers of those you'll soon face in Guild Wars: Eye of the North on the contest winners page.
July Tournament Results 30 July 2007
The July Season of the Guild Wars $100,000 Tournament Series has forged our first repeating champions! For the second consecutive month, X Ekelon X dominated the 1v1 Championship and Virtual Dragons [vD] seized victory in GvG. You can see the final standings for the 1v1 Championship here and the GvG Championship here. This feat netted the victors, and many others, terrific prizes and Reward Points for in-game bounty. Congratulations to all who did so well in the July Series. The August Series has already commenced, so jump in and see if you have what it takes to become the new champion!
Bonus Mission Pack FAQ 30 July 2007
You can get helpful information and essentials details about the Guild Wars Bonus Mission Pack in today's Bonus Mission Pack FAQ.
$100,000 Tournament Series July Championships this Weekend! 27 July 2007
This weekend offers the last chance to earn qualifier points for this month's championships. The final GvG July Championship qualifier will start at 05:00 GMT on Saturday, July 28. The final 1v1 July Championship qualifier will start at 08:00 GMT on Sunday, July 29. You or your guild must have at least 20 QPs in order to participate in this weekend's championships.

Watch competitors from around the world compete in the July Championships for prizes from ATI (Event Sponsor) and Creative (Contributing Sponsor) as well as other cool goodies that are part of the more than $10,000 in prizes offered each month! The GvG championship starts at 22:00 GMT on Saturday, July 28 and the 1v1 Championship starts at 22:00 GMT on Sunday, July 29.

And get ready to start earning qualifier points for the August Championship! Full rules for the tournament series can be found here.
Fansite Kit Expanded 26 July 2007
You can find the GW:EN Fansite Kit here on the website. Inside are high-res renders, box art, and more. Head here to find all the goods.
New Guild Wars Miniature Introduced 24 July 2007
If you love the Guild Wars miniatures and dream of adding to your family of diminutive companions, you'll want to know about the newest miniature: the Grawl. We'll be offering keys that allow you to acquire this little guy in July and August at local fan shows such as Comic-Con, Gen Con, and PAX. Stop by the NCsoft or ArenaNet booth at any of the shows to see if you can score a key. Quantities are limited and when they're gone, they're gone. One per account, please. Now, don't worry—if you can't make the shows, we'll be offering a chance for you to get a key later on. And European players will soon get information about upcoming local promotions that will allow you to acquire the cute little creature, as well!
GW:EN In-Game Trailer; Preorder Details Provided 19 July 2007
Fresh on the heels of Tuesday's press release that contained information about the Guild Wars: Eye of the North Prerelease Bonus pack, we're pleased to release a new GW:EN in-game trailer as well as the bonus pack product pages which contain concept art images, in-game screenshots, and details about the exciting special items.
Prerelease Pack Particulars 17 July 2007
You can learn all sorts of meaty details about the Guild Wars: Eye of the North Prerelease Bonus Pack in today's press release. Find out about what the preorder pack offers you, check out the availability date, and read up on the cool new items, too!
PAX, Anyone? 10 July 2007
If you're attending the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle this August, you'll want to read today's event page for information about some of the activities we're planning at this gamer show, and hints about information yet to come. Check it out and we hope to meet you at the show!
Guild Wars Bonus Mission Pack Promotion 5 July 2007
For a limited time, when you spend $29 USD (€26/£17) or more in the Official Guild Wars (online) Store, you will get a Guild Wars Bonus Mission Pack for free! Find out all the details here!
Dragon Festival Returns 3 July 2007
Cantha will celebrate the Dragon Festival again this year through a multitude of fun activities in Shing Jea Monastery. The Dragon Arena and Rollerbeetle Racing will reopen; the Shing Jea Boardwalk will offer all sorts of games of chance; and the monastery itself will host a reenactment of last year's event, as well. Fun, prizes, and a special gift will be your rewards! So join the celebration at Noon Pacific (-7 GMT) on Friday, July 6th, and celebrate this historic event until 11:59 PM Pacific on Sunday, July 8th.
The Scribe: Festival Alert! 3 July 2007
Our wandering writer has sent a new missive that informs us about Shing Jea Monastery's plans to host the Dragon Festival again this year. The event will offer a varied aspect and, apparently, a new gift, as well. It all starts in a few day's time, but you can learn what you can anticipate during the festivities, and also catch up on a number of notable citizens, by reading the news scroll today.
Guild of the Week: BRO 3 July 2007
The Brotherhood of Veterans is a highly organized guild that focuses on moving characters through the storyline and accumulating gold and items. Some members have served in the Army and their discipline affects the guild’s setup. An event coordinator designs activities, such as tournaments and raffles, to supplement the normal gameplay schedule. Find out more about BRO here.
$100,000 Tournament: July Season Info 3 July 2007
Feast your eyes on the latest information about the Guild Wars $100,000 Tournament Series, including a few minor rules changes and the full prize list, in the updated tournament pages.
Guild Wars: Eye of the North Press Release 2 July 2007
In today's joint ArenaNet/NCsoft press release, several of the questions that Guild Wars players ask most often have been answered! Read the Guild Wars: Eye of the North press release to learn the release date for GW:EN, along with pricing information and availability plans, too.
State of the Game: Dismantling Defenses 2 July 2007
Take a look at this week's State of the Game article for interesting observations about how teams try to break each other, and the strategies that they use to overpower or whittle away at the opponent's defenses.
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