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Upcoming Weekend with an Elite Theme 31 July 2006
This coming weekend offers special bonuses for players who enjoy missions, roleplaying, and unique items. Factions players will be granted access to all Canthan elite missions the entire weekend via an NPC in Kaineng Center. In addition, there will be the chance of double rare loot drops within Canthan Elite Missions during the weekend! This exciting weekend will begin on Friday, August 4, at 12:01 a.m. PDT (07:01 GMT) and will end Sunday, August 6, at 11:59 p.m. (that's Monday, August 7 at 06:59 GMT). We hope to see you there!
State of the Game: Arena Play Part 2 31 July 2006
Following up on last week's State of the Game article, you'll find more another writer's insights on tips, tricks, and core information in today's second article on the subject of Guild Wars arenas.
In-Game Trophy 27 July 2006
Check out the Temple of Balthazar to see the sparkly new in-game trophy that commemorates the winner of the Guild Wars World Championship. The trophy allows you to read about the guild's various accomplishments and it lists the tournament team member names, as well. This is an example of an exciting option that will be expanded in the future.
The Scribe #8 27 July 2006
This week's news scroll offers word on new visitors to Cantha and Tyria, commends the kindly, and suggests that guilds may have a few new decorative options in the near future. Get your copy of the The Scribe today.
Tournament Rules Revised; GenCon Update 27 July 2006
The Universal Guild Wars Tournament Rules have been greatly expanded to include many exciting new types of Guild Wars tournament gameplay. You can find the rules here. These expanded rules include information about our upcoming GenCon tournament event, and you can read all the details of that event on the GenCon Page.
GWFC Season #3 Highlight Movies 25 July 2006
Check out our Match Videos section for highlight movies from Season #3 of the Guild Wars Factions Championship. The movies feature semi-final and final matches that involved four Leipzig-bound guilds: Esoteric Warriors, Irresistible Blokes, The Last Pride and War Machine.
Guild of the Week 25 July 2006
Black Rose Assassins, known as one of the most generous guilds in the game, is the subject of this week's Guild of the Week Feature. In the article you can read about some of the members of this small and close-knit group, and learn about their backgrounds and guild philosophy.
Guild Wars Nightfall PVP Preview Event 25 July 2006
This weekend, from July 28 to July 30, players will be able to experience a special sneak preview of our newly-announced game through the Guild Wars Nightfall PVP Preview Event! During the event, both Guild Wars Prophecies and Guild Wars Factions players will get a first look at Guild Wars Nightfall, and will be able to try out the two new professions being introduced in the game. In addition to testing the new professions and arenas, players also will be able to compete for items throughout the weekend that will be exchangeable for a variety of rewards.
State of the Game: Arena Play 24 July 2006
On the heels of another weekend of exciting Guild Wars play, the newest article in our Competitive Section offers helpful insight into arena play. You'll find descriptions of the many different maps and helpful tips and advice on how to succeed in gathering Balthazar Faction and Gladiator points.
Fansites Reviewed; Listing Updated 21 July 2006
The many sites who are members of the Guild Wars Community Fansite Program have each been given a thorough review, and their placement in the program and the list of features they offer the community has just been fully updated. You can note the changes on the Fansite Listing. And remember, fansite news is presented Thursdays on the Community News pages.
Ladder to be Reset; Fun Season to Begin 21 July 2006
With the completion of the recent GWFC Open Event, we wanted to give you all a few days to relax before we begin the next event. Just as we did prior to the GWWC, we will be running a "fun" ladder event leading up to the GWFC. This will allow guilds competing in Leipzig to practice, and in addition, we can give out more cool prizes to the winning guilds!

The tournament ladder will reset at 08:00 GMT July 21 and the fun ladder event will run until 08:00 GMT August 21. At the end of this fun event, we will be giving out the following prizes:

Ladder FinishPrizes Earned
1st place
  • Permanent Gold Cape Trim for guild
  • 8 signed copies of Guild Wars Prophecies or Guild Wars Factions*
  • 8 complete sets of skill pins*
2nd place
  • Silver Cape Trim for guild**
  • 8 complete sets of skill pins*
3rd-16th place
  • Silver Cape Trim for guild**

*Signed copies of Guild Wars and complete sets of skill pins will be mailed to the 8 players designated by the Guild Leader

**Silver Cape trim lasts until the end of the next announced season

So get ready to go for the silver and gold!
The Scribe #7 20 July 2006
This week's news scroll gives you info on a much-sought-after treasure, and offers a bit of advice on how to obtain it. In addition, you can read about this weekend's Balthazar-based event, and catch up on the kind feats of a few extraordinary Tyrians and Canthans, as well.
Another Fun Weekend Planned 19 July 2006
This weekend, Guild Wars players will enjoy another double dose of fun, as players acquire double faction in arenas. That means twice the faction for unique kills, matches won, and flawless victories. In addition, you can ring up double Gladiator Points for winning ten consecutive matches in the Team and Random arenas. The fun starts at 12:01 a.m. PDT (7:01 a.m. GMT) on Friday, July 21 and lasts until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, July 23 (06:59 GMT Monday, July 24).
GameSpot's Nightfall Profile Preview 19 July 2006
On the heels of the announcement of Nightfall and of the special PvP Preview to be held July 28 — 30, GameSpot has posted a preview of the newest campaign. In the preview, you can read a bit about the Dervish and the Paragon, Nightfall's two new professions.
New Game Announced; Special Event Planned 18 July 2006
In a press release issued today, you can read details from ArenaNet and NCsoft about the third game in the Guild Wars saga. Guild Wars Nightfall will present two new professions—the Dervish and the Paragon—and will offer "a Guild Wars game unlike any players have seen before". And in the same announcement, you can read plans for an exciting PvP event, scheduled to begin July 28th. Find details in today's press release.
GWFC Guild Interviews 18 July 2006
We're kicking off a series of interviews with the guilds who will be participating in the Guild Wars Factions Championship in Leipzig, Germany, next month. The first interview is with Idiot Savants [iQ] and offers insight into last weekend's exciting Open Event. We will be adding many additional interviews during the next few weeks, so keep your eye on the GWFC Section for the latest word from the championship guilds.
Guild of the Week 18 July 2006
This week's feature guild is Mostly Harmless, a consistent top-performer on the Guild Wars Ladder. Read about the guild as a whole, meet a few of their members, and catch a couple of build ideas in the new GotW.
Competing Guilds Set for GWFC 18 July 2006
The Guild Wars Factions Championship (GWFC) Open Event has come to an exciting conclusion. Rising above an exceptionally qualified field, Idiot Savants [iQ], a veteran American guild, won the three-day event with a record of 75-4. They therefore claim the sixth coveted seat at the Guild Wars Factions Championship in Leipzig, Germany.
Season #3 Movies 14 July 2006
The GWFC Open is underway and the competition is fierce! As you know, five teams are already slated for the finals. If you'd like to catch a few highlight movies from the early rounds of the Season #3 Playoffs, check out our Match Videos section.
GWFC Update 14 July 2006
As we enter the Guild Wars Factions Championship Open Event this weekend, we must report that the Japanese guild, Sacrament of the Waooru [SotW], has decided to decline their invitation to attend the Guild Wars Factions Championship event in Leipzig, Germany. Due to scheduling conflicts, the guild was unable to field a full eight-player roster. In the spirit of healthy competition they have decided to give up their seat to the guild with the next highest point total, Treacherous Empire [Te], hailing from the United States.

Here is a statement issued by Sacrament of the Waooru:
"The Championship is the highest tournament of Guild Wars, and the best six guilds should participate in the championship. The matches will be exciting, wonderful, and instructive. And if we attempt to compete with henchmen, we will betray the players and easily lose. We want the tournament to be the best!"
We are saddened that Sacrament of Waooru has decided to withdraw from the event, but applaud their gracious sense of fair play. Look for an announcement next week with the winner of this weekend's GWFC Open and the full Guild Wars Factions Championship line up!
The Scribe #6 13 July 2006
This week's news scroll from our roaming in-game reporter offers an article on an underappreciated profession, a call-out for a few extraordinary players, and a feature on one of the most feared monsters in Tyria.
GWFC Season #3 Match Reports 13 July 2006
You can read about the semi-finals and finals of the Guild Wars Factions Championship in match reports written by our PvP Reporters. Read all about the exceptional matches that made up the final weekend of Season #3 play.
Double Weekend Fun 12 July 2006
This coming weekend, you'll have a double-dose of Guild Wars goodness. First, you can participate in the Guild Wars Factions Championship Open Event. Secondly, as a special treat for all guild-versus-guild players, everyone playing during the Open Event—which runs from 08:00 GMT Friday July 14 until 08:00 GMT Monday July 17—will receive double Balthazar Faction! That's double faction for unique kills, for matches won, and for flawless victories. Join us this weekend for twice the fun!
Event Souvenir 12 July 2006
We're happy to offer a memento of the recently-concluded Dragon Festival, a lovely wallpaper with art of various celebrants in their dragon masks. As always, this wallpaper will be preserved in The Gallery, as well.
Guild Wars at Gen Con 12 July 2006
If you're attending Gen Con in Indianapolis this August, plan on taking part in a Guild Wars live tournament. Gen Con will be the first event to host a new sealed-play, 4v4 player-versus-player match-up, and anyone can participate! To sweeten the pot, participants will vie for a $5,000 cash purse. For more details, check out the info page.
Guild of the Week 11 July 2006
This week, we present an international guild that focuses primarily on PvP gameplay. Frozen Flame [ICE] began in Finland, and now has members from several nations. Read about them in the new GotW.
Open Event: Player Tips 10 July 2006
Are you planning to take part in next weekend's Guild Wars Factions Championship Open Event? We have some tips, hints, and suggestions for you as you prepare for the big weekend! Head over to this week's State of the Game article to take a look, and best of luck to all the participants!
EvIL Wins; Seeding Set 9 July 2006
The Last Pride, reigning GWWC champion, has fought to victory against War Machine in the finals of the GWFC, claiming the title of Season #3 winner. For seeding at the finals in Leipzig, the GWFC points page reveals the following: War Machine will be the first seed and The Last Pride will be the second. Esoteric Warriors and Irresistible Blokes are tied for third/fourth, which places Sacrament of the Waooru as the fifth seed. Naturally, the winner of next weekend's Open Event will be the sixth seed at Leipzig. And with Irresistible Blokes and Esoteric Warriors tied in GWFC points for the #3 seed, a special tie-breaker match will be scheduled; details coming soon.
Final Five 9 July 2006
Season #3 of the Guild Wars Factions Championship approaches its conclusion. Congratulations are in order to these five guilds, who are assured a spot in the GWFC Finals in Leipzig, Germany: Esoteric Warriors (Europe), Irresistible Blokes (Europe), The Last Pride (Korea), Sacrament of the Waooru (Japan), and War Machine (Korea). Sacrament of the Waaru earned their place through victory in the Season #3 Tie-Breaker. Now, be sure to stay tuned, because next weekend, the GWFC Open Event will take place and that lucky winner will win the sixth seat in Leipzig!
The Scribe #5 8 July 2006
This week's news scroll is brought to you a day late, due to an unexpected failure of candles in the office of our roaming monastery scribe. In this week's edition, you'll find a review of the Dragon Festival, learn a bit about Elementalists and their training, and view a substantial list of people who were witnessed performing good deeds during the recent event.
GWFC Season #3 Finals 7 July 2006
The finals of the third and last season of the Guild Wars Factions Championship will take place this weekend. The matches begin at 15:00 GMT (8:00 a.m. PDT) on Saturday, July 8, with the second Semi-final two hours later. The final match, which determines the winner of the season, will take place at 15:00 GMT (8:00 a.m. PDT) on Sunday, July 9. Who will win the match and claim the surprise reward? Watch via Observer Mode and be the first to find out!
Match Report 7 July 2006
Two of the top Korean guilds are featured in this week's Match Report. In the report, you can read the details of the battle between War Machine and The Benecia Renovatio immediately prior to the start of the GWFC Playoffs.
Bots Banned 6 July 2006
In order to maintain a solid game economy, we constantly monitor the game for the use of cheats and exploits. Over the course of the last week, we banned more than 4,000 accounts of players using "bot" programs intended to mine the game for gold and items. The use of such programs is strictly against our User Agreement, and their use can have a negative effect on the game's economy and on all players who play the game legitimately. We will remain diligent on the matter of bot use, and will continue to take action against those accounts involved in such use.
GWFC Special Tie-Breaker Sunday 6 July 2006
As the dust settled on the GWFC Season #3 playoffs, two guilds—Sacrament of the Waooru and Treacherous Empire—ended up tied for GWFC championship points. Therefore, these two guilds will be playing a special tie-breaker on Sunday, July 9, at a time that will be announced on the Guild Wars Factions Playoff Page. This match will determine whether the Japanese or American guild receives an invitation to the championship at Leipzig in August. So be sure to check out the match on Observer Mode, and watch for results on this website!
GWFC Season #3 Match Reports 6 July 2006
We will be presenting several match reports over the next few days, and our intrepid game reporters submit their articles. Please keep your eye on this post, and we'll expand the list as we add more reports. The match reports offered so far are:
Guild of the Week 5 July 2006
Our featured guild for this week was formed through one of our Elite Fansites, France Guild Wars. We invite you to lift a glass (of Dwarven Ale, of course) to Comité de la Bière de Nains as you read their interesting history and learn about some of their members.
Dragon Festival: Additional Info 4 July 2006
Those of you with questions about the ending festivities connected with the Canthan Dragon Festival, or who would like details about the collectible memento of the event, will find new information on the Dragon Festival Page. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow for the finale of the event!
Playoffs Underway! 1 July 2006
Catch all the news updates on which guilds are winning and gaining those valuable Guild Wars Factions Championship points by visiting the Playoff Page. The games are underway today and tomorrow, so don't miss the latest news!
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