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Holiday Greetings 23 December 2004
All of us on the Guild Wars Team would like to send you our best wishes for a joyous holiday season. This week's wallpaper features a wintery scene with a Guild Wars touch. If you look closely, you may notice a new recruit for Santa's flight crew. Find the image here.

Fansite Friday #26 17 December 2004
This week's Fansite Friday Mini-interview takes place on the France Guild Wars site, a new member of our Guild Wars Community Fansite Program. Find FF#26 here.

Wednesday Wallpaper 15 December 2004
This week's wallpaper is a study of the female Mesmer. Locate the desktop image in a variety of sizes, including wide-screen versions, on this link.

Fansite Friday #25 10 December 2004
The Fansite Friday series reaches its silver anniversary with the publication of the 25th Fansite Friday Mini-Interview over on Czech Legends. This week's topics are content updates, release timing, and extra-rare items. Find it all here.

Battle Report Update 10 December 2004
Following up on last week's announcement of the winners of the Guild Wars Battle Report Contest, we are happy to announce several Honorable Mention winners. To see the updated winners page, click through to the contest page. We thank all who participated in the Guild Wars Battle Reports Contest, and will be making an announcement on a new contest very soon.

RPG Vault Beta Event Impressions 10 December 2004
Another December Beta Weekend Event impressions has been posted, this time on RPG Vault. Find the article here.

PC Gamer Preview 10 December 2004
Guild Wars is featured in a hands-on preview in PC Gamer's January 2005 Issue. Sample comment: "No monthly fees and simple, addictive gameplay make for a great combination." The January issue is hitting subscribers now and will be on store shelves in a few days.

Ladder Update & Guild Invitations 9 December 2004
We have an update on the Guild Wars Ladder teams who are being invited to join the alpha test. Find the update, and a clickthrough to the ladder, on this link.

Wednesday Wallpaper 8 December 2004
This week's wallpaper is a portrait of the Guild Wars monk set against a Krytan background. Find the image here.

Ladder Update Coming Soon 6 December 2004
We will be updating the Guild Wars Ladder this week. For more information about the ladder, and about Alpha Test invitations for the top-ranking guilds, please see this page.

BWE #2 Wrap-up 6 December 2004
The December Beta Weekend Event ended last night with a rain of Firestorms and a Bone Dragon invasion of Lion's Arch. We want to thank everyone for taking part, and look forward to seeing you on January 8th.

Fansite Friday #24 4 December 2004
Our weekly Fansite Friday mini-interview is with a new Guild Wars fansite, Guild Wars @ TenTonHammer. The questions involve PvE longevity, in-game communication and the possible rejoining of ongoing missions. Find it here.

Gamespy GenCon Review 3 December 2004
Guild Wars is on the road at GenCon, which takes place this weekend in Anaheim, California. Gamespy stopped by the booth and presents a fresh preview based on BWE gameplay which you can find on this link.

Beta Weekend #2 Begins 3 December 2004
Our second Beta Weekend Event has begun. In order to accommodate our European and Asian players and give them a full weekend of Guild Wars beta testing, we will be opening this and all future Beta Weekend Events on Friday mornings of the weekend in question.

We're also delighted to announce that the top five guilds on the Guild Wars Ladder at the end of this weekend will receive an invitation for representatives to join our Alpha Test Team. Details will follow. In the meantime, see you in Guild Wars!

Various Media Updates 3 December 2004
The second half of a two-part Guild Wars interview has been posted on FileFront.

Issue #12 of the Photics e-zine is now posted.

And remember, for a large number of valuable resources for your assistance during Guild Wars Beta Weekend #2, consult our Fansite Listing and visit the sites!

Battle Report Contest Winners! 2 December 2004
Our first Official Guild Wars Contest consisted of a story-telling venture, where players were invited to submit their tales of heroic victory or ignominious defeat in a Guild Wars guild-versus-guild battle. We received hundreds of remarkable entries from around the world, and we want to extend our thanks to all who participated in the contest. The winners are announced on our Battle Report Contest Page. We will be announcing several Honorable Mention winners next week.

Midweek Montage 1 December 2004
This week's wallpaper image features that enchanting spellcaster, the Elementalist. Find the newest offering here and for previous wallpapers, visit our Gallery.

Beta Weekend Coming Soon! 1 December 2004
Our next Beta Weekend Event starts soon — we hope you'll join us then! There are several ways to take part in the event. Naturally all of you with the Guild Wars Preorder Package already have your key to every upcoming Beta Weekend Event. We understand that stores are restocking shelves, so if you don't have a copy, contact your local retailer for availability info.

For folks living where preorders are not yet available, or for those who haven't had the means to get a preorder package, check our Events FAQ for a list of partner magazines. And in more good news, many fansites and gaming sites are offering contests with December 4th Beta Weekend Keys as their prizes. A listing of the sites is offered on our Contest Page; we'll update as more sites come on board with their contests.

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