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Fansite Friday #23 26 November 2004
Our Fansite Friday mini-interview this week is hosted by Guild Wars Slovenija. Questions covered player feedback, expansion packs and in-game item trading. Find it over here.

WPE Interview 26 November 2004
FileFront has posted part one of an interview that took place during the Guild Wars World Preview Event. You can find the interview on this link.

Another Wallpaper Wednesday 24 November 2004
For those seeking a new look for their desktop, we present this week's wallpaper, starring the Necromancer. Find the wallpaper, in your choice of sizes, right here.

Fansite Friday #22 19 November 2004
This week's Fansite Friday Mini-interview is hosted on Guild Wars Coldfront. Head on over to read about guild features, PvP logging, and guild-versus-guild combat. Click this link.

Wallpaper for Wednesday 17 November 2004
Our weekly wallpaper is another from the Guild Wars Bestiary: The Charr. Find the wallpaper of this ferocious, furry fiend over here.

Battle Report Contest! 16 November 2004
Calling one, calling all to take part in our Battle Report Contest. We want to feature the best guild-on-guild combat stories, based on events in the World Preview Event or the Beta Weekend Event. Details are outlined on this page. The top ten entries will earn the author a place in the ongoing Guild Wars Beta Test!

Beta Weekend Wraps Up 08 November 2004
The first Beta Weekend Event concluded Sunday night at 11:59 p.m. Parties took place in many of the districts, and Lion's Arch was abuzz with messages of thanks and promises to meet up again next month. We appreciate the many thousands of gamers who joined the event, and look forward to meeting you in the next Beta Weekend Event, which will begin at Midnight Pacific (08:00 GMT) on December 4th.

In order to accommodate the holiday, the January Beta Weekend Event will take place the 2nd weekend in January. It will begin at Midnight Pacific (08:00 GMT) on January 8th.

Beta Weekend Begins 06 November 2004
Our first Guild Wars Beta Weekend Event began last night at Midnight PST, and will continue until 11:59 on Sunday evening, November 7th. We look forward to seeing you in this event. For information about the BWE, please check our FAQ.

If you seek guidance in the event, there are several new gameplay guides over on GWOnline and on several other fansites.

Ladder is Live! 05 November 2004
The Guild Wars Ladder is now live. This section contains a list of the top guilds in Guild Wars, and is updated hourly. You can check your guild's status on this link. For those participating in the Beta Weekend Event, your rankings will be updated with your achievements throughout the weekend.

Pair of Preview Pieces 05 November 2004
Two more articles on the Guild Wars World Preview Event have appeared, one on File Front and the second over on Gamers Info.

New Wallpaper 04 November 2004
Our weekly desktop background image features another monster from the Guild Wars Bestiary: the Bone Dragon. While this may not fall in our Wednesday Wallpaper tradition, we think you'll agree this guy is worth waiting for. Find the desktop here.

Computer Games Cover Feature 04 November 2004
The December issue of Computer Games Magazine is hitting the shelves this week. It features a cover article on Guild Wars. See a scan of the cover here and check out the magazine for a 7-page in-depth article, an editorial on a Guild Wars guild, and an exclusive Beta Weekend Event access code, as well.

More World Preview Event Updates 04 November 2004
Several other online sites are posting about Guild Wars. Follow the links to find: a CounterFrag Preview and a WPE Reception report and preview from Game Rifts.

WPE Press Release 04 November 2004
We're presented information about last weekend's Guild Wars World Preview Event in an international press release. Find a copy here.

Beta Weekend Event Access 02 November 2004
There are many ways to get into the Guild Wars Beta Weekend Events, including purchasing the preorder package through various retailers or picking up a copy of a partner publication, both listed here. In addition, several gaming sites will be offering opportunities to obtain key codes for access to a weekend event.

If you have preordered the game but have had difficulty getting your code in time, or have experienced other difficulties, you can help us track this problem by dropping us an Email to outline your experience. We will do our best to assure that you are able to obtain access to the upcoming event.

Beta Weekend Event Guides 02 November 2004
For those preparing for the upcoming Beta Weekend Event, check out's numerous guides on such themes as skills, interface, crafting, and several more, linked from the main page. The Guild Hall offers guides on attributes and profession selection, here, and Guild Wars Vault has a tongue-in-cheek "guide" on guild creation here.

World Preview Event Reports 02 November 2004
IGN has a report on our press event held in conjunction with the Guild Wars World Preview Event, here. offers an 8-page World Preview Event Review in Issue 11.

MMORPG.Com has an in-depth World Preview Event Diary on this link. Evil Avatar offers a brief event review over here, and HomeLan has a summary here.

Beta Weekend Event Approaches 01 November 2004
Thank you to everyone who participated in our World Preview Event; we hope that you had a great time.

The Guild Wars Beta Weekend Events begin on November 6th. A handy Events FAQ can be found here, with specific information about the upcoming weekend events and the preorder. In addition, we have additional info about the Guild Wars preorder on this link.

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