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New Guild Wars Preview 29 October 2004
Computer and Video Games has produced a new developer interview. Topics include combat, gameplay, guild features, and social opportunities in a grind-less world. Find the Q&A on this link.

Necromancer Notes 29 October 2004
The final Gamespot Profession Profile is now live. Find all the goods on members of this infamous profession, including skills and descriptions, images, an interview and an in-game movie, here.

Fansite Friday #21 - WPE Edition 29 October 2004
This week's Fansite Friday mini-interview is a cumulative interview containing the top questions from the Guild Wars community. Find this issue, Lucky Number 21, over here.

World Preview Event Begins! 29 October 2004
The Guild Wars World Preview Event is underway. Click the button on the right, fire up your previously-acquired client, or download the file from the many fansites and news sites that are currently carrying it. Join us in Tyria for this special event!

Elementalist Essay 28 October 2004
The penultimate article on the Guild Wars Professions — The Elementalist — is now available on Gamespot. A profession description, skill listing, images, an interview, and an in-game movie are part of the feature, which is located on this link.

Guild Wars Hands-on Preview 28 October 2004
A new hands-on preview of Guild Wars is presented on IGN. Read the detailed report of a full day of Guild Wars gameplay right here.

Guild Wars Gameplay Guide 28 October 2004
We now offer our Guild Wars World Preview Event Game Guide for your use during the World Preview Event. This handy guide will help you through character creation and customization, and will inform you about missions and gameplay options of all kinds. Find it here.

Gamespy Goodies 27 October 2004
Gamespy has gone wild with Guild Wars coverage: Their Hands-on Blow-out presents two previews, two developer interviews, lots of screenshots, numerous movies, and detailed mission and profession guides. Check out this voluminous feature over on this link.

Warrior Write-Up 27 October 2004
The fourth of six profession reviews is now available on the Gamespot site. Learn all about the mighty Warrior, and enjoy image, an interview and a movie, here.

World Preview Event Press Release 27 October 2004
ArenaNet is pleased to announce details of this week's World Preview Event. Find the press release on this link.

Ranger Review 27 October 2004
The week-long series of profession profiles continues on Gamespot with their feature on the ranger. Find character and skill descriptions, a dev interview, images and in-game movie on this link.

Mesmer Summary 26 October 2004
Gamespot presents their second profession profile, this time on the Mesmer. Find character and skill descriptions, art, an interview and a gameplay movie, here.

Monk Profile 25 October 2004
Gamespot has posted a new article with a Guild Wars profession overview, the first of a series. Today's featured profession is The Monk. Find the feature, with screenshots, live interview and gameplay action, on this link.

Fansite Friday #20 22 October 2004
The 20th Fansite Friday interview is hosted by The Italian Lair. You'll find their interview — with questions about localization, update content and holiday features — in English on this link and in Italian on this link.

Creature Screenshot 21 October 2004
This week's screenshot features a new monster from the Kryta area of the Guild Wars world. He is called an Ettin, and his in-game combat portrait can be found here.

Wednesday Wallpaper 20 October 2004
Today's wallpaper is the first of a Guild Wars creature: The Hell Hound. Find this new desktop, in a variety of sizes, on this link.

World Preview Event at iGames 15 October 2004
More than 100 participating iGames Gaming Centers across North America will showcase the Guild Wars World Preview Event from October 29–31. The competitive online role playing game will be the featured title of the iGames WANDemonium! Event on Saturday October 30th, as well.

Guild Wars players will have the opportunity to win prizes and enjoy free pizza sponsored by ATI at specified iGames Centers. For more information on the event and locations of participating centers click here.

Newest Fansite Friday 15 October 2004
Fansite Friday #19 is hosted by Knights Templar. The questions involve Observer Mode, PvP play, in-game sounds, with a note on stat screens, as well. Find FF#19 here.

New Hands-On Preview 15 October 2004
A new hands-on preview has been posted on FileFront. The preview is based on gameplay experience and an interview with the dev team. Find it on this link.

New Screenshot 14 October 2004
This week's screenshot coordinates with the Undead Army feature article mentioned below. A Necrid Horseman faces the assault of a female warrior and a White Mantle justiciar. You can find the screenshot right here.

Armies of Guild Wars Feature 14 October 2004
The IGN Feature: The Armies of Guild Wars, have been expanded with the newest article which focuses on the Undead Army. With images and text, you'll learn more about the Hell Hound, Executioner, Warlock, and that Damned Cleric, too. Find the article here.

New Gamespot Q&A 11 October 2004
Gamespot has posted a new interview, with questions involving character creation, skills, item drops, cheat prevention and the balance between strategy and action. Find it here.

Fansite Friday #18 8 October 2004
This week's Fansite Friday mini-interview is with one of our oldest Guild Wars fansites, TheGuildWars.Net. Currently undergoing a redesign, TGWN has taken the time to pose the questions for FF#18, which covers the pre-WPE office environment, PvM guild challenges, an in-game blooper, plus a bit more. Find FF#18 on this link.

Guild Wars Gameplay Movie 6 October 2004
In preparation for the upcoming Guild Wars World Preview Event, we have prepared this gameplay movie to give you a look at many of the environments, monsters, and characters you will experience while playing the game, as well as several scenes of intense combat. Enjoy!

Fansite Friday #17 1 October 2004
We're happy to bring you another bi-lingual Fansite Friday mini-interview, this week with the German-language site, Guild Wars OnlineWelten. Find FF#17 in English here and in German here.

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