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News Archives - March 2004

Introducing the Elementalist 31 March 2004
Joining the professions of Guild Wars is the Elementalist, a user of sorcery involving the natural elements. Find a screenshot of a female Elementalist here, and read a sampling of Elementalist skills on the Professions Page.

PC Gamer Features Guild Wars 31 March 2004
The April issue of PC Gamer, the 10th Anniversary issue, presents Guild Wars as their first PC Gamer Spotlight. This four-page article discusses professions, design, gameplay, guild warfare, and includes nearly 20 images.

Guild Wars Lore & Concept Art 30 March 2004
We are pleased to present the first installment of a short story set amidst the events that take place during the first chapter of the Guild Wars saga. Visit our new Lore Section to read The Wall. In addition, we are presenting a selection of concept art from the Scorched region in which these events take place. Check it out in our new Concept Art Gallery.

Play Magazine Interview Part #2 22 March 2004
Play Magazine's April issue has started reaching subscribers, and it will be on shelves in the next few days. Within its pages you will find Part Two of their excellent Guild Wars interview and several more screenshots.

Female Ranger Introduced 18 March 2004
We're pleased to reveal the newest Guild Wars character model, the Female Ranger. Look for her image in the Guild Wars Gallery.

Presenting the Monk 12 March 2004
Today's screenshot features the premiere of the Guild Wars female Monk. You will find her image in our Gallery.

Guild Wars Interview 09 March 2004
Another interview with the Guild Wars Team is featured on GameZone Online. Click here to read the latest Q&A, with info on our combat system, tournaments, game economy, and the unique concept of meaningful competition offered in Guild Wars.

Meet the Undead Bone Dragon 04 March 2004
Today's screenshot presents another creature in the Guild Wars world: The Bone Dragon, the reanimated remnant of a mighty beast. You can find his image in the Guild Wars Gallery.

Guild Wars E-zine #3 01 March 2004
Issue number 3 of Guildmaster Photics is online now, with "inside infro" on the Guild Wars Alpha. All will be clear when you visit the Photics site and download the latest issue.

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