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E3 2003 Memories 30 May 2003
A photo album of shots from E3 has been added to our Gallery. You'll find several images of our booth, catch views of the various stations in our pod, meet several competitive session contestants, follow along with a match winner, get at gander at the Battle for the Keep prize, and more. Find the montage over here.

Guild Wars wins E3 2003 Award 21 May 2003
Happy news from E3 2003 has just been revealed: Guild Wars has been named "Sleeper Hit" of the show! The fine folks over at the Vault Hub posted their E3 2003 Vault Network Awards, and here is a bit of what they had to say: "There are a few reasons we believe this little-known game will end up taking the industry by storm." Read those reasons over on this link and be sure to note that on the same page, our parent company won for having the Best Booth at the show.

E3 Honor Roll 21 May 2003
During the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles last week, we presented a challenging Battle for the Keep mission that involved a timed component, and then the opportunity to kill the mission's ultimate boss: The dreaded Ice King. Amongst many hundreds of combatants, only a few were able to meet and surmount this second challenge, and we are pleased to acknowledge them on our E3 Honor Roll.

3D Artwork Presented 20 May 2003
Fresh from the E3 Electronic Press Kit, we have three 3D renderings of artwork used in our posters and mural. You can find these images in our freshly-spiffed-up Gallery.

EPK Screenshots 19 May 2003
We're back from a successful E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in Los Angeles, where our booth was lively and where the fans and press alike were very taken with their first hands-on experience with Guild Wars. The development team is cranking on the next level of development, and we'll have photographs from the Expo to share with you later in the week. But for today, we wanted to pause to show off some of the shots from our E3 Electronic Press Kit. Find them over in our Gallery.

Guild Wars at E3 12 May 2003
The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) begins this week in Los Angeles, California. One of the world's largest trade shows for our industry, the Exhibitor Days are May 14 through 16. NCsoft will be in the main exhibition hall, the South Hall, in a central position at Booth 1024.

At E3, Guild Wars will be presented to thousands of members of the gaming press, the retail trade, and to fans. We're offering an exciting booth, with opportunities for hands-on experiences with Guild Wars, including the opportunity to play a round of Battle for the Keep and possibly win a Guild Wars t-shirt! For those attending E3, we look forward to seeing you there.

More Screenshot Images 07 May 2003
Everyone loves screenshots, and we have another handful for your viewing pleasure. Originally presented on our parent company's E3 website, we're now displaying the images in our own Gallery, as well. Incidentally, NCsoft is updating their E3 website on a frequent basis, so we encourage you to check back there from time to time to get all the show news.

Gallery Grows 05 May 2003
A duo of screenshots have been added to the Screenshot Gallery today. Get another look at the Ice Minion, and the first look at an early Zombie, over here.

IGN Interview 01 May 2003
It was great to hear from the guys at IGN; they've been reporting about ArenaNet for quite a while. Today's IGNPC interview covers a broad range of questions, from our first announced character professions to the types of gameplay that Guild Wars will offer, from how streaming content works to, of course, The Big Question: how in the world we plan to sustain the U.S. portion of the gaming network without subscription fees. Yes, it can be done! Find the answer to those questions and many more, right here.

Screenshots Added to Gallery 01 May 2003
More screenshots — six to be exact — have been added to the Gallery today. Monsters and Minions, spells effects and a shot of an Outpost and its mission portal are featured in this group, which you can find here.

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