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Sneak Peek Weekend

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72 Hours of Early Access!

Immerse yourself in three whole days of exclusive action-packed early access to the entire Far Shiverpeaks region. North of the so-called civilized lands lies a region blanketed in snow and ice, rife with adventure. Home to the legendary Eye of the North and the fiercely independent Norn, this mountainous tract hosts untold challenges and riches.

(Click here for a larger image!) Be among the first to immortalize your character's accomplishments in the Hall of Monuments.
(Click here for a larger image!) Enlist the aid of two new races—the barbaric Norn and the magical Asura.
(Click here for a larger image!) Answer the challenge of the Norn Tournament and boost your reputation by defeating battle-hungry opponents.
(Click here for a larger image!) Train with the infamous Kilroy Stonekin in the art of Dwarven boxing.
(Click here for a larger image!) Venture into the newly discovered Depths of Tyria, overflowing with dangerous creatures and vast rewards.

Keep Everything!

Everything you acquire during the Sneak Peek Weekend, including items, XP, Heroes, and loot, will be available to you when the game goes live on August 31, 2007.


This special preview event is no longer active. For more information about Guild Wars: Eye of the North and how you can purchase this expansion, visit our Eye of the North product page.