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E3 for Everyone Event

E3 2005 presented the opportunity for some intense guild-versus-guild action right on the main show floor. The opportunity to sign up for the Own the Devs or Aim for the Stars competitions was first revealed on May 11th. On this date, the Top 100 guilds on the Guild Wars Ladder were given the opportunity to take on members of the Guild Wars Development Team or War Machine, the best guild in Korea and recent winners of a nationwide competition. The invitation was irresistible for dozens of the top guilds, and from around the globe, they stepped up accept the challenge.

The gameplay stations for the Dev and War Machine Teams were placed in a prominent spot on the E3 floor, drawing a large number of show attendees into the NCsoft booth to watch the match. Eight player stations were positioned below a massive video screen. The play-by-play and color commentators stood on a stage immediately in front of the video screen and worked with one another to describe the action. Split-screen camera work kept the rapt audience right in the midst of the action, changing the view from one player's screen to another, and sometimes simultaneously displaying four game screens and the intense faces of four of the competitors.

The War Machine team consisted of 7 players on the show floor and one team member playing online from Korea. Their performance was impressive, confirming their reputation as true masters of the game. The Dev Team rotated players throughout the show, and often chose some of the template characters as part of their team's makeup. (Their builds are presented on Page 2.)

In some matches, victory was swift. In others, the constraints of the show's 20-minute scheduling meant that the match was not fully played out and no victory was achieved. For this reason, all matches were unrated challenges and did not affect the Guild Wars Ladder position of any participating teams. In cases where the time ran out on the meet, the challenger's ability to "go the distance" against either the Dev or War Machine teams showed them as winners, and each member of the team will be awarded a special prize.

Results of the Competitions

Day Challenger Opponent Victor
WednesdaySoulless WarriorsDev TeamDevs
WednesdayMoonlight Night*Dev TeamWent the distance
WednesdayBlood EagleWar MachineWar Machine
WednesdayTombs of Primeval KingsWar MachineWar Machine 2-0
WednesdayServite Nostrum AnimusDev TeamWent the distance
WednesdayChocobo KnightsDev TeamWent the distance
Thursdayrandom matchDev TeamDevs
ThursdayLacerta PriscusDev TeamDevs
ThursdayWielders Of DarknessDev TeamDevs
ThursdayThe Valandor*War MachineWent the distance
ThursdayNegative ZeroWar MachineWar Machine
ThursdayDark HorizonsDev TeamWent the distance
ThursdayClub GDev TeamDevs
FridayLadder to HellDev TeamWent the distance
FridayStrike ForceDev TeamWent the distance
FridayFeral UprisingDev TeamDevs
FridayTreacherous Empire*War MachineWar Machine
FridayThe ValandorWar MachineValandor
*Random match

Due to a glitch in communication, the much-anticipated battle between Elitist Jerks (Number 2 on the Guild Wars Ladder) and War Machine did not take place. We will be scheduling a rematch for these two great guilds in the near future.

Information about the team builds used by the Developer Team can be found on Page 2.


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