Guild Wars




Henchman Skill Bar Contest Winners (Guild vs. Guild)

I Will Win Ff

Leet T H E O R Y

This Is Trigger

Etron In Vitro

Lulu Xan

Tannaros Tower Rush

Cassie Santiago

Sacred Wolfy

Il Juliya Il

Bellicus Magnus

Dark Rising Shadow

A Papaya In There

Luzy Of Fire

Mala Aurora

Hajime Hinata

Saint Reapers Sin

Pseudo Antipathy

Zen Si Ert

Aria Of Nerf

Aurora Alessandra

Winners will receive the following awesome in-game prizes:

  • A henchman named after the winner's character or an appropriate name of the winner's choosing.

  • One Everlasting Henchman Tonic. This unique item grants the winner the ability to temporarily transform into the image of the henchman they are named after.