Guild Wars




Henchman Skill Bar Contest Winners!

As you may know, we're restricting heroes from Guild vs. Guild and Heroes' Ascent play and are replacing them with a selection of new henchmen. We reached out to the community to design the new henchmen skill bars, and the results were incredible. We received over 30,000 entries to the Henchman Skill Bar Contest, which made picking the winning skill bars a real challenge for our Development Team. We want to offer our sincere thanks to everyone who entered the contest.

Here they are—the contest winners and the henchmen skill bars they created:

Winners will receive the following awesome in-game prizes:

  • A henchman named after the winner's character or an appropriate name of the winner's choosing.

  • One Everlasting Henchman Tonic. This unique item grants the winner the ability to temporarily transform into the image of the henchman they are named after.