Guild Wars




Battle Report Contest Honorable Mention - The First Match

Gaggenau, Germany

The battles against those soulless Monsters were over now. There was no way back. Our complete team stood before the giant gates of stone, bedazzled by red lights shining from everywhere - it looked like blood was dripping down the walls. The warriors besides me looked like real heros with their huge armors and big blades. And me, a little Necromancer girl, in a mixture of different low defense armor-sets, and as usual with a chalk-bleach face, was standing with softly kneels right in the middle. It wasn`t necessary to take a look at my Necromancer-Level17-Pass to know that I was the weakest member of our team.

I even remember the moment when we met the first time. They let me join their party miles away from this place for some easy-going monster-slaughting-action when we where on our way to explore the region in the outside; when everyone was trying to realize his personal goal – to reach the end of the world. I probably didn't knew what was waiting for me at this time. However, I was integrated into the team shortly and the fact that I was always one or two levels behind the mayority didn`t matter because I could convince them of my skill and they took care of me.

But now, I knew it was different. Now the opponents were real human beings and I knew that all would be level 20, or at least level 19. And the thing I most worried about, was the immediate consequence of my level: low HP. At this point I began regretting that I had decided to start my new char at zero. Serveral thoughts flooded my head, I nearly missed the announcements of the teamleader about tactics and stuff. His last words before the gate opened had been: "No Hurry! Just stick together and wait till the enemy makes the first move..." - And the battlefield let us in. Everyone took his position. Warriors in front, Supporters and Rangers behind. Then everything seemed like frozen. No voice. No movement. Nothing! Some time elapsed. Finally, the enemy arrived - an army of the damned. But no one of us moved. The hostile party stopped. The battlefield was frozen again. Two parties, eye to eye.

Suddenly, one of the enemies attacked. BIG MISTAKE! It took not longer than a second till everyone had chosen the right spell to make a quick and bitter-sweet backfire. An arrow hit him directly into his feet and precisely pinned him down. A big hole came into the sky and then a rain of fire was bombarding the area around our target. Our Mesmer played tricks on his mind and caused big damage to him. Everywhere I saw explosions, screaming soldiers and blood.

And what did I do?

I’m a Necromancer, I did what Necromancers always do in such a moment – I injured myself. Most people don’t understand our behaviour. To harm yourself instead of the enemy – that seems like suicide for them. Kamikaze. Or something like that. But I learned soon to understand this mystery; one of the most important things a Necromancer should realize: Blood is Power!

Maybe, in this case, I was hurting myself, just to steal back some life with a vampiric gaze in the next action. But that is what makes us Necromancers satisfied. And apart from that, the enemy had already had enough damage: He was unable to move, poisoned, burnt, electrified and cursed. He had no chance. Everything was done in no more than 2 actions of every party-member. In his last seconds he cried for help, then the poison put an end to this disaster. His party was shocked, hypnotised of what had happened in this moments, to much confused to do anything else than running away...

The match ended in victory for us. And so the next two or three battles. But than we lost. My fear had become true - the health points were simlpy not enough, not in the long run. And there was not enough time left to level up anymore since this beta weekend was nearly over. But I'll be back, and then I`ll be stronger...