Guild Wars




Battle Report Contest Honorable Mention - Strength of Unity

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States

With a brilliant azure flash, eight members of the Divine Vengeance guild took on corporeal form in the well-manicured, twilight-lit courtyard of a fortress. Tremmy wasted no time taking point, his well-trained eyes already scanning the area for any signs of the enemy as he took off at a trot, the heavy platemail that encased him barely encumbering his movement. The rest of the group silently followed, their experienced hands deftly moving to prepare a variety of weapons. All was quiet as they exited the front of the fortress but ahead lay the steeply sloped walls of a chasm lined by a cobble-paved road. The group spread out to avoid being targeted by area attacks and warily rounded a sharp bend. Ahead they could see the enemy, tarnished and battleworn armor marking their experience and resolve.

Upon seeing the guild the enemy surged forward, the bulk of their force focused in five platemailed warriors, all eagerly seeking to draw first blood. They sprang at Tremmy like a group of wild beasts, each lunging and weaving to try and locate a weakness in the proud warrior’s armor through which to score a crippling blow. Brakus immediately set about reciting an incantation that would reduce the effectiveness of any attacks that may wound Tremmy while Gannek, Tamlane and Vodi, the group’s elementalists, began calling forth arcane energies. With explosions of fiery light, the circle of warriors became engulfed in flames, a roiling plume of smoke lifting above them.

Seeing the enemy was attempting to surround him, Tremmy wisely fell back toward friendly lines. While the elementalists continued their assault on the concentrated enemy, Ariell, the diminutive ranger in the group, had been busy at work emplacing a hasty trap. Tremmy adeptly leapt over the nearly-invisible barrier, his practiced eye noting the tell-tale signs she left in her work so that a friend may easily identify it. The clumsier troupe of warriors attempting to gain ground failed to perceive the threat however, and as the first unleashed the spike trap, a spray of sharp stakes sprung outward, the tension in their lines releasing with explosive force. The assailants fell to the ground but gradually regained their footing. Three of them limped back toward their own comrades while the final two, oblivious to the split in their ranks with vision clouded by bloodlust, pressed onward after Tremmy confident they could finish him off. Brakus had not neglected Tremmy’s need however, as even now a new surge of restoring magic washed over the warrior’s battered form, rejuvenating him. As Tremmy turned to face the pair of attackers still pursuing him they glared at him with contempt then turned to the monk who had saved their prey, Brakus.

A savage gleam filled their eyes as the still hobbling pair strode forward scoring glancing blows off the monk who was already in motion. Brakus deftly evaded several more attacks and recovered quickly from the ones that managed to contact him thanks to the apprentice efforts of Ariell and the warrior Ebonyheart, who was quickly closing range on the fight. Brakus dodged from side to side, thwarting his assailants and driving them into an ever-deepening rage. All the while Tamlane, Vodi, and Gannek continued to hold the rest of the enemy team at bay, their persistent assault of hexes and elements maintaining the rift between the separated, and now beleaguered, enemy team. One of the warriors finally reached back, and with sinews straining, brought his massive hammer forward with a blow to Brakus’ back that sent him reeling to the ground. Just as the two warriors closed the last steps to finish off the downed monk, a new combatant entered the fray who until now had gone unnoticed because he had been keeping the other enemy at bay with the help of the elementalists. The trailing enemy knight looked surprised at the addition of this new threat, but the lead attacker paid Jotoo, another platemailed warrior, no mind as he swung a massive war hammer two handed down in a blow that would surely finish the fallen monk off.

A loud clang resonated as Ebonyheart’s own weapon caught the haft of the mighty warhammer, staying the executioner’s swing. Ebonyheart countered with a hammer blow that stunned the enemy knight, causing him to stagger backward and then closed on the second man, his own hammer delivering a series of strikes that showered the area with sparks and cinders as it crushed into the would-be executioner’s platemail. Both enemy warriors continued to retreat backward and failed to notice the small female who had once again been at work behind them. Ebonyheart and Jotoo, having spotted the motion, continued to press their enemy when a sudden flurry of sound crested the clanging din of battle. Flashes of steel filled the air as a second spike trap was triggered, impaling the now harrowed enemy warriors. The leader, bleeding heavily, attempted to stand but Ebonyheart’s assault continued relentlessly. He pounded the leader twice, and then a third and final blow stilled the enemy warrior. The other knight attempted to hobble away, but Jotoo pursued.

Finally from among the enemy ranks a lone monk stepped forward who had realized that if both warriors were to fall now, the chances of their victory would be slim. The monk began to recite a healing incantation but was abruptly silenced as an arrow struck him in the face, ending the ritual. The man grabbed his cheek in pain and attempted to run but a second arrow struck him in the foot, crippling him. Tremmy wasted no time finishing the monk off, Jotoo having already destroyed the fleeing warrior. The guild surged forward, decimating the diminished ranks of the enemy and driving onward to their now inadequately defended keep where the Lord fell under a vicious concentrated assault. Divine Vengeance had proven their ability on the field as a unified team this day, but many more challenges would await them. They were determined not to fail.