Guild Wars




Battle Report Contest Honorable Mention - Of Gods and Games

Salisbury, Massachusetts, United States

Assembled on the battleground once again, great warriors locked in a conflict that has existed since the dawn of time. “Today we fight for power, to take our rightful place in the world. God willing, tomorrow we will fight again.” There is no fear amidst this army, even in the last moments before battle. Ruthless, hardened, soldiers, truly enjoy the fight, they live for it. As leader of these warriors, I had always felt fortunate to have such skillful comrades; from them I drew my strength. “Once again, these lands will become stained with the blood and ambitions of men” I shouted, “Let our enemy’s know that our ambition is far greater than theirs”. With that, the trumpets sounded, and our greatest battle had begun.

Our enemy was both cunning and quick. While we were making our last preparations for battle, they stormed out onto the field and captured our watchtower. Quickly they took defensive positions around the tower, knowing that our assault would be a much more difficult task if they held the high ground. To us however, battle worn, skillful, merciless, this would only be another test of our mettle, we would charge upon the hill. “Attack! Show them no mercy! Let our enemies know why we are called the Soulless Warriors!” Under a storm of arrows and flame we moved upon the hill, fearlessly we besieged our foe. Yet only the strongest and fastest of us made it within striking range of our enemy, their plan seemed to be working perfectly; we were suffering heavy losses in our effort to retake the tower. Arrows met with armor and flesh alike, steel blades clashed, flames burnt us on the ground, and our enemies in the tower. The union between blood and desire was written on the gladiators faces.

A greater battle I have never seen. Most of my men who were still alive had already suffered grave injuries, a lesser army would have retreated, but we were not defeated yet. Still, the battle was not going in our favor, if we did not find a way to turn the tables soon, we would surely lose. I fired arrow after arrow, striking many a foe down, then our opportunity arose. The enemy’s monks moved to the front of the line to treat their wounded, within range of my bow. I drew back my bowstring, took careful aim at the benevolent monk and unleashed my most powerful shot, my aim was true. My arrow swiftly found its way into the monk’s side, but his injuries were not fatal. Quickly I pulled another arrow out of my quiver, and fixed my aim upon the monk’s heart, but not quickly enough. At that moment I felt the most terrible, crippling, pain and weakness, an enemy necromancer had cursed me and was beginning to drain the very life from me. I would have fallen there if not for the speed of my allies, our skillful monk began removing the curse from me and weakening the necromancers vile grip over me. In his zeal, the necromancer did not retreat, and for that mistake the price was his life. Our most powerful swordsman cut him down while he was focused on me.

I was still alive, but the enemy monks had gotten some time to treat their wounded, and they were moving back out of our range. With one last desperate effort I called for all my men to attack the monks. Thinking quickly I took aim for a monk’s ankle and struck, pinning him to the ground with a well placed shot. Our warriors then caught up to the unfortunate monk and introduced him to his demise. One monk died, the other escaped. This battle was wearing heavily on the ranks of both sides, still the enemies held the tower and seemed to have the advantage. We could not hold out much longer, we were outnumbered and our opponents knew victory was near. Then, to my astonishment the enemy suddenly sounded a retreat. Two of our warriors and our guild thief had snuck into their base and began dismantling their defenses. As I grabbed our flag and reclaimed the heavily contested tower, our morale was renewed, our vigor had returned to us, and we were ready to assault the enemy’s hall from both sides.

We chased after our fleeing opponents, and followed them into their guild hall. The warriors and thief that snuck inside and forced them to retreat now came to block off their withdrawal into the more heavily fortified remains of their hall. We had them surrounded, and the tables had finally turned in our favor. “Now face the might of the Soulless Warriors! FINISH THEM.” Trapped like rats, our enemy soon fell. With no one to protect him their guild lord fell easily after.

Victorious, I stood in front of my guild to congratulate them, and commend them on their mastery of the battlegrounds this day. Then to my surprise, not only was I commending them, so were our former enemies. Respectfully our former foes congratulated us with the words “Good Game”, then it dawned on me, it was a game we were playing all along. In the heat of battle we were transformed into the most ruthless of warriors, feeling such bloodlust, desperation, and determination. It was easy to forget that it was only a game, the determination, hope, and emotions invoked were so real and strong that I really got lost in it. I think this speaks volumes for the kind of game Guild Wars is, a truly powerful next-gen MMORPG in a class all by itself. This game is the new standard by which MMORPGS will be defined by.