Guild Wars




Battle Report Contest Honorable Mention - Kamdaru's Triumph

Marshfield, Wisconsin, United States

We had first seen the smoke a few days ago. In the distance to the east, someone or something was coming. The news was obviously upsetting to Kamdaru, our young Monk, as she knew that her training has not been completed and if there was a battle to come, she would have her limited skills tested. Also awaiting more news from the scouts was Angelic, a fellow Ranger as fearless as she was beautiful. The other members of my fledgling Guild stood nervously together in a small group to the side. The lower gate burst open, and the Warrior that had been doing reconnaissance came running in.

“They’re coming!! They’re coming!!” he said. Angelic sprang into action, hoisting her quiver to her shoulder and grabbing her bow. “Karsin! Let’s go!” I stepped in stride with Angelic and we moved toward the gates. The Warriors used a burst of speed to gain some separation.

I spotted a Warrior heading our way and I drew on my training in magic to cast a hex on him, slowing his steps. As arrows flew from Angelic’s and my own bow into the warrior, I noticed a Monk praying for heals for him. I had to stop the Monk. She was out of range of my bow as well as my spells. As I moved forward, to my right, the young warrior scout cried out and fell to his knees. A dark poison had eaten thru him and he fell to the dirt. The enemy Ranger that had taken him turned his bow on me, and I felt a searing pain as his arrow found its new home in the back on my leg. I stumbled a few feet forward and cast my backfire hex on the Monk. A deep purple aura gathered around the Monk as she tried to concentrate on a healing spell and the pain was apparent in her face with the hex causing much damage to her own life. I tore the arrow from my leg and stood, took aim and fired an arrow into the Monk. The Monk was forced to retreat.

Angelic paused to prepare a few arrow tips with a powerful poison as the Warrior I had slowed earlier moved in to attack her. She sunk a poisoned arrow deep into his shoulder as he brought a heavy hammer down, grazing her hip. Head to head, the Warrior would have won the battle, but his healing support has fled, and Angelic drew on her own training in the healing arts. As the poison from the arrow in his shoulder spread, the warrior could only grit his teeth and swing his hammer as a fireball from Clie, the quiet Elementalist, finished him off.

I stretched my bow too its limits and shot an arrow high into the air, and several hundred feet away, the Monk had paused to try to heal herself. My arrow struck true and the Monk fell. I had not noticed my own condition had deteriorated and I was in grave need of healing prayers. To my dismay, the enemy Ranger had not taken his sights of me and I now felt the sting of four arrows that he had landed in my back. I dropped to the ground and watched as the few remaining members of my guild converged on the ranger. I tried to call out a warning, but the pain was too great. As my eyes closed in a sea of red, I saw the second and stronger wave of the enemy force swing in behind my guild mates.

Our last remaining Warrior, Angelic, Clie and Kamdaru were done taking out the enemy ranger when the two Warriors, supported by two Monks and an Elementalist, slammed into them from behind. With her last poison arrow, Angelic aimed for one of the Monks and managed to hit him in the thigh. Clie and Kamdaru saw this and both called upon their arcane training to bring down a firestorm onto the opposing Monks that caught them off guard. The poisoned monk fell, and the other took major damage, forcing him to back away and chant a prayer of healing for himself. Our warrior was able to hold off their two with the healing chants of Angelic and Kamdaru keeping him healthy. As one enemy warrior dropped to the dirt, the other turned on Clie. She tried to run, but his sword cut a savage gash across the back of her knee, and before Kamdaru could attempt to save her, Clie was down.

Angelic was now busy trying to keep herself alive as the enemy Elementalist concentrated his powers on her. She kept her bow aimed at the second Monk, and from the long distance, her arrows were brutally damaging, eventually killing the Monk. Our Warriror was bested by theirs, but Kamdaru was able to save Angelic from certain death by the constant nuking of the Elementalist. As Angelic turned to defend herself from the oncoming brute, Kamdaru was able to slip away and chant a prayer of resurrection.

I gasped for air, and stood back up, just in time to see Angelic fall. The Warrior, turned toward me and as he approached, I had gathered just enough strength to chant out a hex. He swung his sword but tripped and fell on the blade, damaging himself within inches of death. As he lowered his defenses to use his healing signet, my bow dealt the final blow that ended his life.

Kamdaru and I dodged out of the way of a firstorm from the skies and I took aim on the now fleeing elementalist. A few well placed arrows, and the battle was ours.

The adrenaline subsided, and I smiled at Kamdaru, who in spite of her own worries, became the only one who had survived the battle and essentially saved us all. She shrugged it off and faulted the enemy for not going after the one and only Monk we had.