Guild Wars




Battle Report Contest Honorable Mention - Fun

Antwerp, Belgium

When I first met Aya, I admit, I didn't think much of h....."Marcus", a female voice interrupted; "This is my story so please allow me".

My name is Aya Morena and it all began on a warm sunny saturday afternoon. The shop was empty except for the shopkeeper and a burly customer. As I was waiting my turn the whole place suddenly lit up bright orange-pinkish and the big guy turned into an orange gummy bear. I couldn't help myself and burst out laughing, and eventually so did he. "Wrong dye" he said, "Definitely" was my reply. People meet under the strangest circumstances. We hit off really well after that and so I became part of his family which he called his close group of friends alongside whom, so he told me, he fought great battles.

The next day he told me he needed me desperately because he had a fight comming up and the regular elementalist/monk wasn't logged in. I didn't want my new friend to be dissapointed so I agreed. But as the event drew closer I started having doubts and maybe I wasn't really ready for it. To late to turn back now, I decided. "Friends!" Shouted Marcus The Brave; "We have gathered here to have fun, wheter we win or lose doe....." he went on. I failed to hear the rest. Fear had been preying on my mind ever since I accepted to help and now it seemed like it was getting the upper hand. Then, in one quick swoop the world vanished.

After what seemed an eternity, in reality a mere few seconds, I opened my eyes and the world had changed. Marcus and the others roared, even the usually sweet female monk seemed to have a thirst for battle. I was frozen, affraid to dissapoint, affraid of dying. A huge thunderstorm was forming in my mind as I ran after them. Then suddenly they seemed to stop. I could hear shouts in the distance, not ours. All I could think of was; hide! And so I duck behind the nearest wall. The storm had swollen and was taking away my ability to think straight. They must be targetting me I thought as my mind visualized huge icecold raindrops hitting me at random intervals. "What if they find out I am half". I blacked out. "AYAAAaaa", I heard someone shout. Suddenly comming back to my senses and realizing where I was, it was Marcus calling out to me! The storm had vanished. I felt energy flowing through my veignes once again. My arms started moving as I called upon mother earth for protection, at the same time chanting life regeneration. "I can do it" I whispered, and with that, I left my safe haven.

Marcus and the others had been slain, all eyes turned on me. Instantly I knew the battle was lost at the same time surprising myself for not being affraid. Rage got a hold of me as I ran over to them. Two huge men and a woman in heavy armor charged at me and I could make out distant chanting and spellcasting. Now the three warriors were looking up only to see a beautifull white dove coming down from the sky, soaring over my shoulder to greet them. They froze. My eyes were ablaze now and I could see the warriors faces distorting in fear. While my life was being sucked away by distant casters, fiery tornado's struck the three frozen warriors. As they fought the pain and once again were facing me they must have read my intentions as I had an evil smile on my face, eyes on fire. The ground opened up and an inferno engulfed them as they tried to outrun it. One of the men fell down, the wind playing gracefully with the ashes that were once his body. The chanting had stopped. A sudden flash blinded me and I was smacked into the ground. When I opened my eyes for the last time, I could see the ice javelin that speared me.

The world looked familiar again. I felt ashamed of myself. A hand reached out and helped me up. Marcus was smiling at me as he let go of my hand. "Friends, we have some training to do" he yelled out and the men and women laughted wholeheartedly. I didnt really understand back then but I do now.

Thank you marcus.