Guild Wars




Guild Wars 2006 World Championship
Korean Match 1 Report

Team Union (4) vs. The Arirang (5)
Battle #1 Warrior Isle

Uni build: Split
Arirang build: Ranger Spike

  • Arirang took the lead early on scoring several kills on Uni, though Uni split up and put the pressure on Arirang.
  • Uni infiltrated the Arirang base with a small team and proceeded to eliminate enemy NPCs, forcing Arirang to fracture their forces.
  • Uni continued the assault from both sides as two team members systematically destroyed the remaining enemy NPCs.
  • After a stiff round of fighting, the Victory or Death condition was triggered. Uni, with most of their NPCs alive, steadily held control of the flag. Both teams attacked their rival’s Guild Lord at the end, though Uni scored the critical kill ahead of the competition.

Victor: Team Union