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Guild Wars 2006 World Championship
Europe Match 6 Report

Necro Raiders (9) vs Esoteric Warriors (1)
Battle #1 in Esoteric Warriors Guild Hall (Ice Map)

EW build: Mixed with Strong Warrior Damage
NR build: Mixed Spike with Splitting Power

  • EW started off strong, quickly scoring a few kills and pushing NR away from the flag.
  • EW kept the pressure turned up high and pushed NR back into their base.
  • One of EW’s Monks dropped at the nine-minute mark, though this didn’t slow down their assault.
  • Though NR managed to send in a strike team to their opponent’s base, they were repelled by EW’s defenses.
  • Shortly thereafter, EW steamrolled their way to victory, killing off their opponent’s Guild Lord.

Victor: Esoteric Warriors (Flawless Victory)

Necro Raiders (9) vs Esoteric Warriors (1)
Battle #2 in Necro Raiders Guild Hall (Isle of the Dead)

EW build: Same
NR build: Heavy Necro/Warrior

  • EW came out swinging, neutralizing several NR players and forcing their way toward the enemy base at the three-minute mark.
  • After earning a morale boost, EW pushed the enemy back home where they suffered major casualties.
  • The match came to a quick close after eight minutes as EW systematically eliminated the opposition.

Victor: Esoteric Warriors (Flawless Victory)