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Guild Wars 2006 World Championship
Europe Match 5 Report

The Tactic Fabric (7) vs. The Valandor (2)
Battle #1 in The Valandor’s Guild Hall (Frozen Isle)

Tag build: 3 Monk with 2 R/Ws
Val build: Mixed with 3 Warriors

  • Val drew first blood at the two-minute mark and continued the killing spree, pushing Tag around for several minutes.
  • Five minutes in, Tag gained a morale boost and stepped up the action, though they suffered another casualty soon after.
  • After 15 minutes, Tag forced Val back into their base, where Val fought back valiantly and scored some retaliation kills which forced Tag outside.
  • Fighting raged back and forth, with Val gaining a morale boost at the 18-minute mark. They laid the pressure on, pushing hard into Tag’s base and killing a few NPCs at the entrance.
  • Tag suffered a string of casualties, eventually getting pushed back further as Val decimated their NPCs, finally taking down the Guild Lord after 27 grueling minutes of combat.

Victor: The Valandor

The Tactic Fabric (7) vs. The Valandor (2)
Battle #2 in The Tactic Fabric’s Guild Hall (Burning Isle)

Tag build: Mixed
Val build: Mixed

  • Fierce combat ruled the map as both teams duked it out for the first minutes of the match.
  • Val scored the first kill at the six-minute mark and followed up with several more over the next few minutes.
  • The fight kicked into high gear with Val gaining the upper hand, eventually pushing Tag back into their base.
  • Val earned a morale boost minutes later, putting it to good use and driving the other team further back into their base.
  • The skirmish raged on with heated exchanges, though Val suffered no losses. Eighteen minutes in, the match was over with Val claiming victory.

Victor: The Valandor (Flawless Victory)