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Guild Wars 2006 World Championship
Europe Match 4 Report

Immortal Legio (6) vs. Rus Corp (3)
Battle #1 in Rus Corp’s Guild Hall (Druid Map)

Rus build: Ele Spike
IL build: mixed two-monk

  • This battle began with heavy fighting in the middle, with much movement by both teams.
  • After some rough combat, Rus overpowered IL and gained control of the flag.
  • The battle continued past 30 minutes, triggering Victory or Death conditions. Rus whittled down IL’s NPCs, eventually sealing their victory.

Victor: Rus Corp

Immortal Legio (6) vs. Rus Corp (3)
Battle #2 in Immortal Legio’s Guild Hall (Warrior’s Isle)

Rus build: Ranger Spike
IL build: Heavy Warrior

  • After each guild adjusted their build, the match began. Within moments, the advantage leaned in Rus’ favor.
  • Rus forced IL back into their base. IL split up their forces in an attempt to push Rus back out but the invaders maintained control of the flag.
  • IL scored several kills around the 13-minute mark, but Rus maintained their stranglehold on the flag as a result of the morale boosts.
  • Rus turned up the pressure as the 19th minute struck and racked up a few more kills at the front gate. IL tried unsuccessfully to split up and flee the base, but Rus held them at bay.
  • Soon after, Rus eliminated the remainder of IL’s forces and wiped the floor with IL’s NPC’s and Guild Lord.

Victor: Rus Corp