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Guild Wars 2006 World Championship
Europe Match 2 Report

Expect the Unexpected (8) vs Necro Raiders (9)
Battle #1 in Expect the Unexpected’s Guild Hall (Frozen Isle)

XP build: Split with multiple Hammer Warriors
NR build: Split with Mixed Blood and Ele Spike.

  • XP immediately split and headed to NR’s base. They took down one NPC before NR returned home to defend their base.
  • NR’s E/Mos (with Blinding Flash) made quick work of the XP Warriors.
  • After cleaning up the Warriors in their base, NR advanced on their enemy’s base.
  • XP brought the whole team to the flag, hoping to get some morale, but NR’s monks had Guardian (along with Blinding Flash and Ward Against Melee). XP’s Warriors were unable to inflict enough damage to kill anything.
  • NR slowly pushed their opponents back into their base, wiped out the NPCs, and ultimately dropped the Guild Lord.

Victor: Necro Raiders

Expect the Unexpected (8) vs Necro Raiders (9)
Battle #2 in Necro Raider’s Guild Hall (Isle of the Dead)

XP: Ranger Spike with two Monks
NR: Split build with Mixed Blood and Ele Spike

  • XP adjusted their lineup to a Ranger spike build, which really paid off at the start. They used the height advantage and scored a few kills shortly into the match, quickly gaining control of the flag for awhile.
  • NR struggled to break free, though after a few minutes they got their split going and pushed back.
  • NR’s N/W warrior (accompanied by a few teammates) infiltrated the enemy base and systematically took down a string of opposing NPCs. This tactic forced XP to send their monks back home, though it was a process made all the more difficult by the N/W’s Soul Leech.
  • The battle raged back and forth, with XP taking a strong lead.
  • XP quickly eliminated all of their enemy’s NPCs and managed to wipe out the NR team in their base. NR jumped back into the fray and viciously fought XP.
  • Try as they might, XP had a difficult time scoring kills due to all the cover NR hid behind. XP couldn’t keep their opponent’s Monks down and finish off the Guild Lord.
  • NR kept up the flag running and harassing in the enemy base, and with a show of good timing killed the two Monks and dropped the XP Guild Lord before their opponent.

Victor: Necro Raiders