Guild Wars




Guild Wars 2006 World Championship
America Match 7 Report

Girls on Top (6) vs. Treacherous Empire (2)
Battle #1 in Treacherous Empire’s Guild Hall (Frozen Isle)

BoA build: Mixed
Te build: Degen pressure

  • Both teams rushed the stairs, where BoA was quickly overwhelmed by Te’s degen and hexes.
  • Te focused more on their damage than their Monks, inflicting quick losses on BoA.
  • BoA was forcibly pushed back to their base, with Te marching close behind.
  • BoA endured more losses, eventually getting muscled all the way back to their NPCs. They did, however, put up a strong fight and inflict some casualties upon their enemy.
  • Te struggled to destroy BoA’s NPCs without taking any losses, so they waited it out and stood their ground outside of BoA’s base lying in wait for Victory or Death.
  • After 28 minutes, a BoA member got firmly stuck in the terrain. The team requested Te to perform a mercy killing to free him. Te was happy to oblige; they approached the unfortunate trapped player, quickly took him down, and retreated.
  • Victory or Death kicked in soon after, and Te quickly overwhelmed the opposition and then turned their sights on the Guild Lord.

Victor: Treacherous Empire

Girls on Top (6) vs. Treacherous Empire (2)
Battle #2 in Girls on Top’s Guild Hall (Burning Isle)

BoA build: Mixed 2-monk
Te build: Heavy Warrior and Ranger

  • At the start of the match, both teams rushed the flag stand. Fierce fighting ensued.
  • One minute in, BoA lost one of their damage dealers giving Te an early advantage.
  • After suffering more losses, BoA was forced to retreat to their base, where Te continued the assault.
  • Within moments, BoA was overpowered by Te’s forces. After dropping their opponents, Te took aim at the Guild Lord—and victory—as the timer struck six minutes.

Victor: Treacherous Empire (Flawless Victory)