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Guild Wars 2006 World Championship
America Match 4 Report

Girls on Top (6) vs. Temporal Threshold (3)
Battle #1 in Girls on Top’s Guild Hall (Warrior Isle)

BoA build: Heavy Bunny Thumper
TT build: Mixed Spike

  • BoA suffered an early death, giving TT a morale boost.
  • Shortly thereafter, BoA gained their own morale boost and put the pressure on TT, scoring a few kills around the 15-minute mark and pushing TT back into their base.
  • BoA’s team recruited a number Minions off the bodies of fallen enemy NPCs which gave them an early advantage.
  • Victory or Death is triggered.
  • One of the TT’s snuck into the opponent’s base and attacked their Guild Lord. To counter, BoA sent a Monk.
  • BoA eliminated all of TT’s NPCs forced their way in to confront the Guild, taking him down at the 40-minute mark.

Victor: Girls on Top

Girls on Top (6) vs. Temporal Threshold (3)
Battle #2 in Temporal Threshold’s Guild Hall (Druid Isle)

BoA build: Mixed Spike with several R/Ws
TT build: Mixed Spike

  • After an even start, TT pulled a few early kills on BoA and pushed them back into their base.
  • TT suffered subsequent losses as BoA pushed their morale boost advantage.
  • Eventually, BoA forced their opponent back, scored a string of kills, and won the match.

Victor: Girls on Top