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Guild Wars 2006 World Championship
America Match 3 Report

Idiot Savants (5) vs. Ectos & Shards (4)
Battle #1 in Ectos & Shard’s Guild Hall (Warrior Isle)

IQ build: Heavy Warrior with 2 Monks
EnS build: Mixed Spike

  • IQ quickly pulled ahead, scoring their first kill at the one-minute mark and several more the minute after.
  • EnS was pushed back into their base and forced to turtle.
  • IQ took control of the flag and gained a morale boost, which they used against their enemy’s NPCs and Archers.
  • EnS held their ground at the stairs with a Trapper, though eventually the other team got the best of them.
  • IQ claimed victory after 27 minutes.
"An aggressive push at the start by iQ paid off by forcing EnS to play defensively in their footmen at the start of the match. EnS made use of a crippling shot/traps to mitigate the three warriors; however, a good use of a Domination Mesmer by iQ and Martyr on a Necromancer allowed their Warriors to be mostly condition free."
-Eric Sy

Victor: Idiot Savants

Idiot Savants (5) vs. Ectos & Shards (4)
Battle #2 in Idiot Savants Guild Hall (Warrior Isle)

IQ build: mixed Spike Damage, Mesmer Surge Burn
EnS build: mixed Spike

  • IQ altered their build and brought in another Mesmer while dropping a Warrior.
  • IQ again scored early kills by the two-minute mark, forcing EnS back into their base.
  • EnS retaliated by killing IQ’s Thief, but one of IQ’s Warriors slipped through the door, keeping it open.
  • EnS failed to escape the base and was pushed back by IQ.
  • The match ended after 15 minutes with IQ eliminating the remaining players and their opponent’s Guild Lord.
"Once again, iQ played aggressively and forced EnS to play once again in their NPCs. iQ's two Warriors plus their two Mesmers were able to keep decent pressure on EnS' two-monk backline with Shame, Diversion, Energy Burn/Surge, and Gale, and forced a retreat relatively early into the match. EnS stacked the Lord, attempting to play cautiously; however, a nice lure by iQ tempted EnS to go out the side door."
-Eric Sy

Victor: Idiot Savants (Flawless Victory)