Guild Wars




EvIL Takes First Game

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As the match began, both teams rushed towards the Flag Stand and started a direct assault. In a full out battle, The Last Pride (EvIL) took an early lead by killing two Idiot Savant (iQ) players at the 1 minute mark, and 2 more shortly later. iQ resurrected and dove right back into the fray. They tried some strong Gale locks but couldn't get a kill.

At the 3 minute mark, iQ regrouped and made a strong push towards EvIL, forcing EvIL to fall back to their NPCs and regroup. EvIL grabbed their flag and forged forward, planting their flag and killing another iQ player in the process. EvIL kept advancing, pushing iQ hard, right back into the iQ base. iQ takes a second, resurrects their fallen teammates and regroups, surging out of their base at the 5 minute mark. iQ tried to retake the Flag Stand before EvIL's Morale boost, but EvIL blocked them and succeeded in getting their Morale boost at 5:20.

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Fighting continued unabated at the Flag Stand for about 2 minutes, but EvIL slowly started to gain the upper hand, as they pushed iQ back to their own base. EvIL managed to kill all three of iQ's Monks, forcing iQ into a full retreat.

However, it was too close to the next respawn for EvIL to risk a full press into iQ's base, so they held back and worked on killing iQ's NPCs, instead. At 8 minutes, iQ made a desperate push out their back door. EvIL responded by splitting, and iQ had to send Monks back to deal with EvIL's split team. And with that maneuver, both iQ and EvIL were running split teams. Half of iQ continued the push towards EvIL's front base, and EvIL was able to defend successfully and kill four iQ players. At the 10 minute mark, one of iQ's Monks was already at 60% death penalty and thus couldn't respawn. That forced iQ to turtle in their base.

At 11:30, EvIL started the advance into iQ's base. EvIL took down one of iQ's remaining Monks just before the 12 minute respawn, waited for him to respawn, and killed him again. EvIL took down one of iQ's NPC Bodyguards at 12:30 and another at 12:50. iQ got one kill on EvIL, but the dead player was quickly resurrected, and EvIL continued the onslaught. By 13:20 iQ's entire party was dead, and EvIL turned on the Guild Lord, finishing the game at 13:40.

Last Pride Wins Match #4

The second game took place on EvIL's map; EvIL selected the Frozen Isle map to execute their split strategy. As the game started, iQ headed straight to the center and then pushed for some early NPC kills. iQ took down one Archer, and EviL fell back to fight.

EvIL was running a strong degeneration build, and iQ took heavy damage but stayed alive. At the 2 minute mark. iQ and EvIL were fighting outside of EvIL's base, and iQ's flag runner was trying to gain control of the Flag Stand. EvIL pushed back on iQ, and the battle moved to the center of the map. At that time, iQ killed two EvIL players, forcing EvIL back to regroup. iQ then collapsed onto the Flag Stand to try to take out EvIL's flag carrier, and the rest of EvIL's team was forced to rush to the flag carrier's aid to keep them alive.

The battle raged on at the Flag Stand, with iQ recapturing the stand at 5:30. As the battle continued, iQ kept taking heavy damage from Disease, and EvIL started pushing them back at around the 6 minute mark. iQ lost one of their monks at 6:20, and another at 6:30.

After iQ used a Signet to bring up one of their Monks, EvIL killed him again, and they then proceeded to kill the third iQ monk, leaving iQ with no monks at around 7:30. iQ resurrected one monk and tried to defend their base as EvIL pushed in and attacked their NPCs. EvIL gained a Morale Boost just before the 8 minute mark.

At 8 minutes, iQ respawned and started pushing EvIL back out, but EvIL controlled them and didn't let them push too far. Around the 9 minute mark, EviL started a thrust back into iQ's base. At 9:30, EvIL again killed an iQ monk, but within an instant, iQ regained its footing, got four kills on EvIL, and evicted EviL from their base. At 11:00, iQ made a strong push towards the Flag Stand once again. IQ captured the Flag Stand and carried on towards EvIL's base.

EvIL split its team, sending two players around the back towards iQ's base. iQ had heavy momentum and pressed EvIL hard. At 12:45 EvIL tried to thrust forward out of their base, but iQ used Gale Lock to slow down the flag carrier. At this point, iQ gained a Morale Boost. As EvIL continued the split push into iQ's base, they took down an iQ defender, I Go Real. iQ fell back to their base, resurrected and regrouped.

The battle moved to the front of iQ's base. By 15:00, Morale was even between the two teams. iQ had regained their composure after a rocky start, and was pressing back towards EvIL. However, their earlier retreat had cost them precious time, and EvIL garnered a Morale Boost shortly after the 15 minute mark.

The fight continued outside of iQ's base. EvIL pushed iQ back to their own NPCs, and then took their time in killing a couple of iQ's Archers. iQ chased down one of EvIL's Monks and locked him down, but he managed to keep himself alive for twenty seconds with three people beating on him. He finally succumbed at 17:30.

At 18:45, IQ retreated back to the safety of their base, and to the support of their NPCs. At 19:00, iQ lost a Monk in the back of their base, but quickly resurrected him. EvIL made another charge forward at 19:45, but iQ was prepared and defended successfully. iQ killed two EvIL players at 20:10, and started to edge EvIL back out of their base.

EvIL maintained a slight advantage in Morale, but the game was still extremely close. After being pushed back, EvIL regained their composure and started to advance again at the 21 minute mark. The teams parried back and forth in front of iQ's base but neither side wanted to commit to an outright attack.

This tense showdown continued for 2 minutes, with EvIL continuing to hold the Flag Stand and gain boosts in Morale, but not advancing. Finally at 23:40 minutes EviL started another push, but it was short-lived as iQ beat them back, and EvIL retreated to the front of IQ's base again at 24:20.

The stand-off continued, with both teams skirmishing in front of iQ's base but still not committing to a full attack. EvIL advanced again at 26:20, trying desperately to take down iQ's NPCs, but iQ defended well and EvIL had to beat a hasty retreat.

As the battle continued, at the 28 minute mark, iQ and EvIL traded kills, taking down one Monk each. iQ surged forward strongly out of their base, trying to get kills on EvIL’s Monks and the fight continued to swirl in front of iQ’s base.

At 30 minutes, Victory or Death kicked in. iQ ran back to defend their NPCs but EvIL stayed forward, forcing iQ to defend their Guild Lord. iQ sent two Warriors bolting past EvIL. iQ’s Monks defended the Guild Lord but took massive casualties from EvIL. iQ’s Warriors got to EvIL’s Guild Lord but EvIL sent back a Necromancer to defend, while at the same time, EvIL continued to punish iQ, inflicting them with massive damage and then taking down most of their team. Then they quickly mopped up and took down iQ’s Guild Lord, ending the match.

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