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Guild Wars Factions World Championship
Guild Interview: The Last Pride [EvIL]

The Guild Wars Factions World Championship is coming up, and it's anybody's guess as to who will take first place and bring home the trophy. In anticipation of the event, we asked the participating guilds some questions about their practice and build philosophies. Here's how the Korean guild The Last Pride answered.

Q. Who in your guild designs the team builds you use, or is it a group effort?

We cooperate with each other rather than having one leader make all the decisions. Because we've played together for a long time, we pretty much know each other's strong points and weak points.

Q. How much time do you guys spend practicing together?

Three to five hours. We schedule practice time weekly so that every member can participate.

Q. Does the guild usually use the same core players for all of its competitive matches, or do you switch out often?

We always play with the same core members.

Q. Is there anything special you do to prepare for a big event like the GWFC?

Nothing special, but we are a little bit excited.

Q. What guild do you think is your biggest competitor heading into the GWFC in Germany?

Esoteric Warriors [EW]. They have a long history, and we can feel their force. This always makes us nervous when we play with them.

Q. What guild's performance has surprised/impressed you the most during any of the seasonal playoffs?

Sacrament Of The Waooru [SotW]. We were surprised that they defeated American teams even though the game has just been introduced in Japan. It's too bad they can't participate in the competition, but we are pleased to see Treacherous Empire [TE] again.

Q. What was your philosophy behind choosing the builds you have run so far?

Strong trust and confidence in each other. Our builds would never work without such things.

Q. Did you choose your build to play to your team's strength, or what you felt was your foe's weakness?

We are trying to remove our weaknesses one by one through a lot of communication to become ultimately unbeatable.

Q. Which match do you feel was the most interesting/challenging for your guild?

Every match is important to us because a single loss could keep us from the top.

Q. What has been the "highlight" moment for your team?

We don't like skills and builds that are only popular in a specific season. If everyone uses the same builds, the game will be boring. We are thrilled when we beat strong opponents using our own style.