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Guild Wars Factions World Championship
Guild Interview: Treacherous Empire

The Guild Wars Factions World Championship is coming up! Who do you think will win?

Will it be one of the European or Korean guilds? Or will one of the two American region guilds take first place?

We asked questions about the practice and build philosophies of the participating guilds. Here are the answers we received from one of the two American guilds, Treacherous Empire.

Q. Who in your guild designs the team builds you use, or is it a group effort?

We like to think of most of our builds as a collaborative group effort. Someone starts off with a few basic ideas, and then we tinker and modify it until we find something that is cohesive and effective. We sometimes also watch observer mode and steal anything that looks good.

Q. How much time do you guys spend practicing together?

We try to play as often as we can together, but having so many different schedules to work around is tough. On average, we probably play together with our tournament roster about eight to ten hours per week.

Q. Does the guild usually use the same core players for all of its competitive matches, or do you switch out often?

We have a large chunk of the same core players we've had since GWWC still around, but we have added some new players recently. We try to keep around 10-12 players on rotation so we can always deal with someone being away for real life issues.

Q. Is there anything special you do to prepare for a big event like the GWFC?

We try to prepare by doing unrated scrims with top guilds we're friends with.

Q. What guild do you think is your biggest competitor heading into the GWFC in Germany?

Our good friends EvIL are more than likely the favorite to win it all again with their track record and recent Season Three victory. But this time around every guild attending does have a very legitimate chance of winning.

Q. What guild's performance has surprised/impressed you the most during any of the seasonal playoffs?

SotW and MH have come seemingly out of nowhere to prove that they are among the world's top teams, and will continue to do so in future seasons. Wi also had the biggest upset in GW tournament history thus far in Season Two, giving EvIL its first ever playoff loss.

Q. Did you choose your build to play to your team's strength, or what you felt was your foe's weakness?

We always used to try and just play to our strengths, but after a rough loss in Season Two, we realized that sometimes counters are needed.

Q. Which match do you feel was the most interesting/challenging for your guild?

Playing against our friends EvIL in Season One was a great challenge, as we had never faced them in tournament play before or since then.

Q. What has been the "highlight" moment for your team?

Qualifying for both GWWC and GWFC have been very proud moments for us as a guild.