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GWFC Guild Interview - Idiot Savants [iQ]

What did you think of the GWFC Open event?

It was easily the most stressful 72 hours of our Guild Wars careers. Even though we came out on top we would love to see some changes to the format for future open events that would eliminate some of the random luck and chance that is currently unavoidable.

Did you make any special plans to succeed in this 72 marathon?

As cliché as it sounds, taking it one day at a time was the best decision we made. We went in with no expectations to win and only made the decision to continue playing after having success on day one and then again on day two. Win fast and often was the unofficial motto.

Tell us about the build you played so well in the event.

We noticed the potential of the core build while observing Sacrament of the Waooru during the Season 3 playoffs. We added some tweaks of our own to capitalize on the strengths of the build as well as adjust to potential mirror matches. Many people probably noticed the switch to Healing Hands and Healing Seed after losing to RenO in our first encounter. The build worked so well because the best counters for Smite are weak in the "open ladder" format since they are slow to win.

Out of the 72 hours of the Open, how many hours was your guild playing or watching?

We spent about 35 hours playing and/or waiting for matches. Although we didn't plan it, someone from the guild was watching for pretty much the entire 72 hour event.

Did your previous experience from playing at the GWWC in Taiwan help you get ready for the Open?

Knowing how great the Taipei trip was certainly provided us with ample motivation to continue playing once we got started. It's pretty hard not to get excited about the chance to see Izzy do a cartwheel in person.

What are you looking forward to in Leipzig, Germany?

Being able to hang out with the guildmates once again.

What do you think of your shiny new gold cape trim?

Our cape has a gold trim now? I have to say we weren't expecting to have that at all and we're a little embarrassed to be running around with it since we're really the 6th seed. That being said it looks fabulous, although we'll have to redesign our cape to match the gold trim now.