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Competing Guilds Set for Guild Wars Factions Championship

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After three days of grueling battles, the winner of the Guild Wars Factions Championship (GWFC) Open Event is none other than Idiot Savants [iQ], one of two American guilds that competed at the previous Guild Wars World Championship event held in Taiwan.

So, after almost five months of intense competition, all six guilds that will compete at the Guild Wars Factions Championship in Leipzig, Germany have been selected.

The number one seed at the GWFC is War Machine [Wm] from Korea. This guild has been at the top of competitive play in Guild Wars since the beginning, representing Guild Wars at E3 in 2005 and coming in second at the previous Guild Wars World Championship.

The number two seed, The Last Pride [EviL], is also from Korea. The Last Pride represented Guild Wars at the E3 trade show in 2006 and won the previous world championship held in Taiwan.

The third and fourth seeds competing at the GWFC are the two strong European guilds, Esoteric Warriors and Irresistible Blokes. Their exact seeding order still needs to be determined, however.

Esoteric Warriors [EW], a mixture of players from across Western Europe, is another guild that has stayed strong and competitive throughout the history of competitive Guild Wars play. They won the second seasonal playoff tournament this year and are ready to make up for just missing out on the previous championship.

Irresistible Blokes [iB] already has plenty of high level competitive experience. This Finnish guild is made up of players from the two European guilds that competed at the previous world championship (Lamer's Ultimate Majority [Lum] and The Valandor [Val]). These guilds surprised everyone by how well they did in Taiwan, and hope their combined efforts will take them even higher this year.

The number five seed, Treacherous Empire [Te] from America has played hard in every season of the GWFC and was on its way to a possible win at the GWFC Open event when they learned that the number five seed was theirs. Treacherous Empire also competed in the previous Guild Wars World Championship, and they bring plenty of energy and experience to the finals.

And, by winning the GWFC Open Event this past weekend, Idiot Savants [iQ] comes in as the number six seed. As with most of this field, they are not new to Guild Wars championship play. This guild won the American Regional Qualifier and tied for third at the championship held in Taiwan.

With five of six guilds returning from the last world championship, and all having been tested for nearly five months of stiff competition, the Guild Wars Factions Championship in August is set to be a true test for the world's best Guild Wars guilds!