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September 2007 Tournament Championship Skill Usage Charts

The charts below provide skill usage data for each game of the September 2007 Tournament Championship. Each chart shows the team rosters with each player's skills. "Executes" are successful skill uses while "Fizzles" are skill attempts that failed (for example, due to interruption, canceling, or going into recharge).

All facts are only for Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, and Finals. Playoff matches are not included.

Interesting Facts

  • All teams had both a Light of Deliverance Monk and Shield of Deflection Monk
  • Unique Skills: 163 Skills

Top 5 equipped skills:
Glyph of Lesser Energy31
Resurrection Signet29
Reversal of Fortune29
Dismiss Condition24
Top 5 most used skills:
Reversal of Fortune1081
Dismiss Condition734
Light of Deliverance637
Shield of Deflection613
Glyph of Lesser Energy512
Top 5 most interrupted/canceled:
Light of Deliverance33
Flame Trap33
Smoke Trap32
Signet of Humility32
Top 5 equipped elite skills:
Light of Deliverance14
Shield of Deflection14
Avatar of Melandru9
Mind Blast7
Eye of North Skills equipped:
Cure Hex3
Distracting Strike3
Withering Aura1
Power Lock1
Calculated Risk1
Zealous Sweep1
Signet of Distraction1
Eye of the North Skills used:
Withering Aura43
Cure Hex19
Distracting Strike16
Power Lock11
Calculated Risk9
Zealous Sweep6
Signet of Distraction3

Skill Usage Charts