Guild Wars




Celestial Tournament Final Standings

Only guilds that are eligible to collect prizes in the tournament are listed below.

RankGuildTotal Match PointsOP-Match Win % Guild-Battle Win %OP-Battle Win %
1Esoteric Warriors2471.26%88.89%66.77%
2Idiot Savants2180.95%72.73%71.63%
3Mostly Harmless2168.45%73.33%63.56%
4Winners Remorse2167.17%78.95%64.94%
5Ominous Latin Name2166.98%75.00%59.95%
6Team Everfrost2162.38%88.24%57.41%
7Rus Corp2161.65%80.00%54.93%
8Battery Powered Best Friend2160.04%87.50%57.79%
9Bambis Don’t Say2156.54%78.95%55.20%
10Time Is Running1871.43%61.90%66.20%
11Serious Sin1869.29%64.71%67.50%
12Temporal Flux Reality1868.57%61.11%61.34%
13Listen To1867.08%70.59%63.72%
14한 얼1867.03%57.89%59.78%
15Zero Files Remaining1866.65%61.54%58.96%
16Supernova Jpn1866.42%68.42%62.98%
17Chimera of Intensity1866.07%62.50%65.20%
18Accident Prone1863.35%76.47%55.70%
19X Attention Disorder X1863.11%68.42%56.58%
20Powerpuff Boys1862.89%72.22%58.78%
21Rise In Superior Competition1862.14%64.71%57.62%
22Forlorn Savior1861.67%66.67%61.43%
23Storm Bearers1861.56%68.75%53.13%
24Team Quitter1861.19%70.00%57.69%
25Newbs On Tour1860.64%66.67%57.83%
26Fame Factory1860.36%54.55%58.55%
27Bruderschaft der Verdammnis1859.29%70.00%58.76%
28I Agony Realm I1857.66%65.00%57.71%
29Servants of Fortuna Victrix1857.08%73.33%48.56%
30Synthetic Gods1855.78%64.29%51.82%
31Revive Teammates1855.71%70.59%49.96%
32Spectral Agony1855.53%63.64%50.59%
33The Knights Templar1852.45%58.82%50.68%
34Team Chaos Theory1852.05%69.23%48.29%
35Union Of Twelve1849.61%85.71%48.99%
36Section One1651.92%64.29%48.23%
37Untimely Demise1569.93%60.00%62.53%
38Legion Of Losers1568.95%46.67%59.29%
39Empty Skillbars1566.43%72.73%65.89%
40Clan Detained1566.12%84.62%59.75%
41The Shadow Knights1565.92%53.85%59.89%
42That Hideous Strength1565.82%52.94%64.32%
43Russian Invasion1564.34%60.00%63.86%
44Team Flamingo1564.17%64.29%55.73%
45Timeless Resolve1563.35%52.63%57.99%
46Spirits of War 1562.86%40.00%54.25%
47Moje Chore Ego1561.71%57.14%56.62%
48Earls Cendree1561.62%53.85%58.25%
49Guards Of The Isles1561.43%45.45%58.01%
50Helis Galonia Commando Elite1559.97%53.33%57.02%
51Cats The Musical1559.94%53.33%52.90%
52Forgot The Ghostlyyyyy1559.46%56.25%57.34%
53Guild Wars Latino1559.34%62.50%53.96%
54The Order Of Baa1557.86%63.64%51.14%
55Los Chavos del1557.35%56.25%54.96%
56Prizewinning Hogs1556.25%46.15%54.63%
57Fall Back1556.01%57.89%53.15%
58Battle Gods1555.65%57.89%52.00%
59Dei Victorae 1554.71%64.29%50.43%
60Save The Dolyaks1554.52%56.25%57.25%
61Premium Heart1554.38%75.00%48.54%
62Pilsner Urquell Guardians1554.31%53.85%54.49%
63Lords Of Quid1553.81%57.14%54.71%
64Os Filhos Do Patrao1553.57%41.67%54.14%
65Black Emperor1553.03%55.56%47.33%
67Elefanten Sind Lame1552.34%33.33%52.80%
68Xen Of Onslaught1551.55%75.00%42.43%
69Utopia Finalis1551.38%57.89%50.67%
70Brewed To Perfection1551.31%50.00%46.45%
71Please Somebody Help Me1551.19%54.55%58.39%
72The Flying Liberaces 1550.55%71.43%47.57%
73Trained Professionals1550.52%61.54%47.93%
74Lupus Et Agnus1548.70%60.00%48.31%
75Deception Genesis1548.28%64.29%44.68%
76Vile Faith1547.39%83.33%40.33%
77Silent Hunters1546.33%62.50%47.19%
78I Chosen I1544.58%41.67%48.12%
79Illusion Of Skill1537.79%57.14%34.63%
80You Is1358.77%55.56%50.68%
81Tama Na Yan Inuman Na1269.87%40.00%63.01%
82Stylish Crew1269.47%55.56%64.50%
83I Pirati Di Tyria1267.94%33.00%53.51%
84The Anathema1265.55%44.44%63.02%
85Ultio Atrox1263.33%43.75%53.61%
86The Sendathi1261.67%40.00%57.96%
87I Need Ammo1261.11%42.86%55.73%
88So Baeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed Its1259.87%60.00%48.31%
89Daunting Tempest1259.82%40.00%55.69%
90By Balthazars Beard1259.50%72.73%59.37%
91Necro Raiders1259.48%52.94%56.57%
92We Card1259.06%46.15%49.06%
93Nowhere To Hide1258.75%66.67%54.97%
94Formidable Force1258.56%33.00%53.62%
95Ten Swords Lorden 1258.50%41.18%50.91%
96Clan Roxor1257.59%42.86%54.36%
97Serious pain in the 1257.29%57.14%56.74%
98Error Seven Operators1257.14%33.33%53.32%
99Girls Camp1257.14%46.67%58.04%
100Just A Minor Threat1256.14%50.00%56.52%
101Real Teazer1255.24%80.00%48.46%
102Pigs Might Fly1255.18%64.29%52.34%
103Forsaken Wanderers1255.15%50.00%59.07%
104I Falchi Bianchi1254.94%33.33%48.99%
105Ghostly Zeroes1254.75%36.36%50.49%
106Nemo Nos Impune Lacessit1254.70%80.00%47.02%
107Pets Can Not Heal You1254.56%53.85%44.75%
108We Are All Pretty1252.92%50.00%45.98%
109Brood Of Thousand Shadows1252.76%58.82%50.20%
110Veni Vidi Vici1252.40%50.00%45.73%
111Pints N Quarts1251.64%47.06%50.85%
112Achilles Dream1250.86%38.46%49.75%
113Legion of Valhalla1249.97%33.00%50.48%
114Offensive Guild Name Here1249.92%33.33%47.54%
115Royal Guild of Brunei1249.40%47.06%50.92%
116Ministry of Death Hun1249.27%46.67%48.56%
117Maestus Nex1249.04%42.86%47.38%
118Thrill Of Victory1248.36%60.00%46.61%
119United Shizobunnies 1248.25%43.75%45.21%
120Ordre des Soldats Ambres1247.94%50.00%43.59%
121The Shattered Hand1246.71%66.67%47.67%
122Red Basilica1246.67%60.00%47.03%
123Apathy Inc.1245.27%33.00%43.87%
124L Oeil Du Phoenix1243.27%33.33%42.29%
125Biscuit of Dewm1242.71%42.86%37.95%
126Strike Force1242.26%33.33%41.04%
127Onslaught of Xen1241.36%60.00%40.37%
128Where Is My Bed1066.93%53.33%67.57%
129Team Utspekulert1055.65%46.15%55.60%
130Triple X979.08%33.00%74.08%
131Los Hombres De Anet975.00%33.00%70.47%
132Trigger Happy Shooters970.00%75.00%63.18%
133Keepers Of Chaos968.57%33.33%66.92%
134Kuntz Trucking Company966.67%62.50%62.42%
135The Beginners966.56%44.44%62.50%
136Sailor Moon Guild966.04%70.00%61.52%
137Reign of Xen961.94%33.00%54.26%
138Team Fun961.11%62.50%52.43%
139Project Teamwork960.33%36.36%60.43%
140Il The Mighty Ducks Il959.22%60.00%54.89%
141The Illuminati958.50%54.55%51.99%
142Omg Noobs956.25%33.00%54.36%
143Heroes of Talia955.69%33.00%51.35%
144Romanian Camelot 955.60%33.00%53.98%
145Peace And Harmony954.17%63.64%54.77%
146Final Moment952.31%33.00%48.24%
147Angels Symphonys 952.18%50.00%50.31%
148The Skeleton Closet951.67%33.00%47.67%
149Nightmare On Sesame Street951.57%45.45%51.20%
150Signet of Ultimate Doom951.28%38.46%49.86%
151The Battle Of The Trees951.16%33.33%46.39%
152Team Red Bull951.11%50.00%46.20%
153War Project950.99%33.33%48.72%
154The Lords Of The String949.89%85.71%48.23%
155Illusioned Redemption949.02%33.00%49.08%
156Deutsches Ascalon Reserve Team948.69%40.00%48.57%
157Smart People948.46%77.78%45.33%
158Kudly V Zadech948.08%41.18%48.25%
159Ice Cold Empire947.90%33.00%45.78%
160Hawks of Ascalon946.50%50.00%45.07%
161The King And The Ring945.40%85.71%39.15%
162Xxx The Final Thrust Xxx945.24%42.86%45.80%
163Guardians of Arkangels944.81%50.00%44.81%
164Team Enigma944.19%33.00%41.95%
165Black People943.87%50.00%41.62%
166Esoteric Females943.24%41.67%42.27%
167Legendary Blade Knights941.27%37.50%47.27%
168Doktor Hannibal Lektor939.80%77.78%40.97%
169Kings Army of Surmia939.36%37.50%41.97%
170Schluempfe an die Waffen933.79%42.86%36.37%
171We Count Corpses680.95%33.00%71.62%
172The Benecia Renovatio672.47%50.00%66.36%
173L I Z Z A R D S669.33%50.00%59.44%
174Society of the Dragon666.67%33.00%50.81%
175Vx Nine659.29%33.00%58.64%
176Sativa High 658.33%33.00%55.67%
177High Rank Utopia658.25%40.00%58.94%
178Die Gunstbanausen655.39%33.00%47.62%
179Not Again655.16%50.00%51.07%
180Guildaholics Anonymous654.33%33.00%51.15%
181Glint's Secret Service654.00%50.00%51.79%
182Fuera De Rango653.74%33.33%48.32%
183Samurai Of Quicksilver Dragons652.62%33.33%50.54%
184Leather Rebels652.50%33.00%50.75%
185Tyrannus Australis650.40%33.33%51.74%
186Silencio Nocturno649.83%100.00%49.83%
187Presearing Make Out Party649.15%38.46%47.34%
188Pirates of Blountville648.67%33.00%49.75%
189Nice But Deadly647.51%33.00%42.83%
190Nice And Successful646.90%44.44%48.47%
191Dragon Estos646.77%33.00%47.71%
192Wrong Target646.67%80.00%45.00%
193Diversionary Tactics646.43%50.00%43.14%
194Greedy Monkeys645.20%33.00%43.87%
195Scrubs Make Us645.04%55.56%38.25%
196Clan Acciaio644.87%33.00%39.73%
197The Afterlife Warriors644.33%62.50%44.33%
198Pink Panda Guild644.33%33.00%33.22%
199O B A Q 641.67%100.00%37.93%
200Midnight Federation641.50%80.00%33.17%
201Witness The Fitness641.50%40.00%43.59%
202Echoed Woe636.40%33.33%42.25%
203Revenge Is A Sweet Kiss377.74%33.33%69.97%
204Immortal Legio375.00%33.00%76.39%
205I Pyrrhic Victory I366.50%33.00%70.59%
206Warriors Of Fenrir362.62%33.33%61.40%
207Be Team358.22%42.86%53.38%
208Tortuga Bay357.03%42.86%47.83%
209Trone de Fer355.44%33.00%49.46%
210I Excentrix I354.76%33.33%51.32%
211Looking For Soap In The 354.58%33.00%48.94%
212Pirate Pirate354.45%33.00%50.37%
213Les Protecteurs De Gaia 351.95%33.00%43.77%
214No Me Ralles350.00%50.00%50.00%
215Kids Without Fear347.62%33.33%46.36%
216Executioners Society346.50%50.00%46.50%
217Guild Drama345.24%50.00%44.79%
218Os Ossinhos345.07%50.00%42.97%
219The Bulgarians342.06%33.00%42.34%
220Storm Trooper Effect341.95%42.86%37.91%
221Einstein Was Right 341.50%60.00%41.50%
222Volcano Insurance Salemen336.50%60.00%33.17%
223Knights of Darkness Europe072.38%33.00%70.00%
224Are You Dead Yet070.83%33.00%66.25%
225Zaishen Exiles068.75%33.00%68.75%
226I Have A Cheek Fetish055.95%33.00%51.32%
227Turkish Elite Force048.57%33.00%43.18%
228I Grawls Gone Wild I042.86%33.00%40.00%
229Night Sharks041.67%33.00%51.43%

Swiss Match and Battle scoring

Match points are used for pairing and tie-breakers. Each guild earns 3 match points for each match that they win, 1 point for any draws, and 0 points for any matches lost. They also earn 3 battle points for each battle they win, 1 for any draws, and 0 points for each battle lost that are used for battle based tie-breakers.

Opponent's Match Win Percentage

Each guild's match win percentage is that guild's accumulated match points divided by 3 times the number of rounds in which they competed, or 0.33, whichever is greater. (Establishing a minimum match-win percentage of 0.33 limits the effect low performances have when calculating and comparing opponent's match-win percentages).

For example, a guild's record is 2-1-1 (2 wins, 1 loss, and 1 draw) after 4 rounds of Swiss play. It is has earned 7 match points and its match win percentage is 7/(4*3) = .583

A guild's opponent's match-win percentage is the average match-win percentage of each opponent that guild faced (ignoring any rounds for which the guild received a bye, a forfeit, or an adjudicated result).

For example, using the above example, a guild finished 2-1-1 and its opponents match records were 2-2-0, 1-2-1, 3-1-0, and 0-4-0 so the guild's opponent's match-win percentage is

(6/12 + 4/12 + 9/12 + 0/12)

4 opponents

Replacing the 0/12 with 0.33 (see above minimum) and translating to the decimal system we get:

(0.50 + 0.33 + 0.67 + 0.33)


This equation becomes 1.83

or 0.46.

While this may seem a bit complicated it basically comes down to using the strength of your schedule as the tie-breaker. The guild that defeats guilds with better records is rated higher in the tie-breakers than a guild defeated weaker opponents.

Guild's Battle-win percentage:

Similar to the match-win percentage, a guild's battle-win percentage is the total number of battle points they earned divided by X times the number of battles played.

Guild B plays in a four-round Swiss-style tournament. Its battle record is (by match):

2 wins (6 game points)
2 wins and 1 loss (6 game points)
1 win and 2 losses (3 game points)
2 wins (6 game points)

Guild B has 21 battle points and his game-win percentage is: 21/ (10*3)=21/30

Guild B's battle win percentage is 0.7

Opponent's Battle-win percentage:

Similar to opponents' match-win percentage, a guild's opponents' battle-win percentage is simply the average battle-win percentage of all of that guild's opponents. And, as with opponents' match-win percentage, each opponent has a minimum battle-win percentage of 0.33.