Guild Wars




Automated Tournaments FAQ

Tournament Series Questions

Q. When does the May period of the $100,000 Guild Wars Tournament Series begin?

A. The first tournament in which you can start earning Qualifier Points (QP) for the May championship begins at 00:00 GMT Wednesday, May 9, 2007 (midnight between Tuesday and Wednesday).

QPs earned during the recent testing will be erased from all accounts before the end of this GvG tournament.

The first 1v1 tournament of the May season will begin at 04:00 GMT Wednesday, May 9, 2007.

Q. What are the prizes for the May season of the $100,000 Tournament Series?

A. We'll list the specific prizes soon, so stay tuned!

Tournament Procedural Questions

Q: Where do I get tournament tokens?

A: Spend Balthazar faction with the NPC named Tolkano [Tournament]. You can find him at your guild hall, the Great Temple of Balthazar, or in the Hero Battle outpost.

Q: How many rounds of Swiss competition are in each tournament?

A: This depends on the number people/guilds playing. 8 participants equals 3 rounds, 9–16 participants equals 4 rounds, 17–32 participants equals 5 rounds, and 33–64 participants equals 6 rounds.

Q: How long are the tournaments?

A: The tournaments last up to 15 minutes per round for 1v1, and up to 40 minutes per round for GvG.

Q: Which time zone does the tournament NPC use?

A: The Tournament NPC uses your own computer's time.

Q: What are the requirements to participate in a GvG automated tournament?

A: All participating players must have been in the guild for 14 days or more. At least 6 people who played in the first round must be part of the group during later rounds.

Q. What do you mean by "at least 6 people who played in the first round must be part of the group during later rounds?"

A. We recognize that sometimes some players have to leave. You are allowed to switch out no more than 2 players in a round when playing a GvG automated tournament. At least 6 of the players on your team MUST have played in the first round for your team to enter any subsequent rounds.

Q: Can I change my build, or go to other outposts in between rounds?

A: You can log off, or change outposts, builds, or anything else you would like, as long as you're back in time to press "Join" before the next round begins.

Q: What happens when I or my team forfeits in an automated tournament?

A: You can no longer play in any further rounds of the tournament, but you will still be ranked and rewarded for your placement in the final standings.

Q. Where can I learn more about the tie-breakers, monthly championships, and daily schedules?

A. Find details about the tie-breakers and championship schedules here, and the updated daily schedule here.

Q: The tournament ended and nothing happened. What's going on?

A: After the last round of Swiss competition, the reward points are given and QP points are awarded based upon your final standing. The single elimination rounds have not yet been implemented, so your final standing is based upon your Swiss round record and your tie-breakers.

Tournament Rewards

Q: Who gets tournament reward points?

A: In 1v1, you receive 1 tournament reward point for each win in the tournament. The top 16 players are rewarded with additional points depending on how they placed. In GvG, your guild is rewarded 3 points for each win. The top 8 guilds are rewarded additional points depending on how they placed.

Q: How do I spend reward points?

A: The tournament NPC will soon allow you to redeem your reward points for PvP skins. This system is not currently implemented.

Q: Are PvP skins unique skins?

A: No. The skins are the same as you find in PvE, however, they'll have different prices and tiers depending on their rarity.

Q: Who gets Qualifier Points?

A: The players/guilds who finish in the top 8 in each tournament will receive Qualifier Points.