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The Future of Competitive Guild Wars is Here

Additional Stuff to Know
In-game Prize System
In addition to the start of 1v1 competition and automated tournaments, we are also introducing a compelling in-game prize system. Guilds and players who finish high in a tournament will earn Tournament Reward Points.

Players will be able to spend these Tournament Reward Points buying various tiers of uniquely-skinned items from the Tournament NPCs (Located in the Great Temple of Balthazar, the Hero Battles outpost, and every guild hall).

Initially, players will have access to a variety of skins from the first tier of rewards. To obtain items from future, higher reward tiers, players will need to purchase a certain number of the first tier items to advance their access.

You will learn more about these rewards as they roll out.

Xunlai Tournament House
Hopefully, by now you have registered with the Xunlai Tournament House, and maybe even profited from previous playoff predictions (whew). If not, you should check it out.

The Xunlai Tournament House is going to continue to offer PvP fans the chance to make their predictions for monthly GvG and 1v1 championships and potentially win some cool, in-game prizes for themselves.

Watch for this fantasy sport element of our competitions to grow in the future.

The Guild Wars $100,000 Tournament Series
Finally, we want to announce the 2007 $100,000 Guild Wars tournament series. This online tournament series provides high-level, competitive opportunities for individuals and guilds to win their share of over $100,000 in prizes while playing Guild Wars in online events.

Starting in May 2007, our new, automated tournaments will provide players and guilds the opportunity to qualify for exciting monthly championships where over $10,000 worth of prizes are awarded to the winners.

In the past, ArenaNet ran championships in exotic locations that were exciting for the small number of players who attended. However, this didn't provide as many chances to win and or as many high-level opportunities for our player base as is needed to support a growing and thriving PvP community.

With the new, online automated tournament system and single play competition mode, we will be offering hundreds of times the number tournaments and will award real-world prizes to over ten times as many players as we have in the past!

The larger the pool of skilled individuals and guilds, the more exciting the competition becomes for participants and for viewers. By developing a solid competition infrastructure and supporting a deeper pool of competitors, we will build the needed foundation for bigger and larger future events.

The prizes offered each month will vary and details on May's prize pool will be coming soon.

So what do you think? A lot of new updates coming with plenty of new ways to compete and win! Makes me wish I was allowed to compete in them.

Of course you would all defeat me pretty soundly. so maybe it is for the better. ;)

We are always trying to move Guild Wars to the fore of competitive e-sports and are, as ever, open to your ideas and suggestions. Please write to with your ideas.

Michael Gills
ArenaNet Tournament Coordinator