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March Mayhem: Celestial Predictions

Celestial Predictions: Christian

As the NCAA basketball tournament comes to a close in stadiums across America, a different kind of tournament is heating up in Guild Wars.

The Celestial Tournament has entered into the playoff round. The top 16 guilds have been determined and they move now to single-elimination matches to determine who will win this season's tournament and claim their awards and bragging rights!

A variety of guilds have competed, and a lot of familiar faces fell by the wayside to new guilds and teams. And yet the top three comprise some of the most recognizable names and skilled players in GW. Having said that, here is how I think the tournament will break down and who I think will come out on top.

  1. Idiot Savants [iQ]. I've always been a fan of this guild. They are inventive, highly skilled, and highly coordinated—excellent traits in a large tournament like this. While they don't have a perfect record, their opponents' battle-win percentage is the highest in the tournament. That means iQ has beaten the toughest opponents through eight rounds. They've faced the best competition and are no doubt prepared to move to the top. Watch out for LaG though, they are a sleeper hit and pose quite a threat for the first round!
  2. Esoteric Warriors [EW]. These guys played a flawless tournament and were awarded the top seed in the playoffs. I have no doubt they will beat their first round opponents. Then, regardless of who wins the Vibe-Meow match, the winner will probably fall to EW as well. We could very well see a spectacular iQ vs EW finale.
  3. Mostly Harmless [MH]. My top three might not be inventive, but it's hard to pick other guilds when you're dealing with the likes of iQ, EW, and MH. Mostly Harmless will have to face some tough competition. Potentially going up against eF, RUS, or iQ. However if they can make it through the first couple of rounds they can then rely on their seeding and win percentage to secure some silver trim and shiny new Logitech G5s.

Rounding out the rest of the top 16, this is how I think things will finish up:

  1. Team Everfrost [eF]
  2. Rus Corp [RUS]
  3. Winners Remorse [wR]
  4. Battery Powered Best Friend [Vibe]
  5. Ominous Latin Name [tag]
  6. Bambis Don't Say [Meow]
  7. Temporal Flux Reality [acid]
  8. 한 얼[one]
  9. Time is Running [OUT]
  10. Zero Files Remaining [LaG]
  11. Serious Sin [SiN]
  12. Listen To [iPod]
  13. Supernova Jpn [SpNv]

The tournament has shown some great promise for Guild Wars competitive play. Another winner will soon be crowned, and the end of the Celestial Tournament marks the start of Automated Tournaments. Soon we will see daily tournaments of Guild vs. Guild combat and a whole new era of competitive play!

Celestial Predictions: Harold

The Celestial Tournament has allowed a number of unknown guilds to compete against the best guilds in the game, and the battle for the Top 16 really came down to the final round. The teams that emerged victorious survived fearsome opponents and braved difficult schedules to arrive at this point. With the playoff bracket set, let's look at how things might shake out:

  1. Esoteric Warriors [EW]. Esoteric Warriors did not have an easy road to the playoffs, but despite the possibility of unfavorable match times and having to go through the likes of OUT, one, iPod, MH, Vibe, and QQ, EW emerged with the only undefeated record in the tournament. Ranked second worldwide on the Guild Ladder, EW clearly stands as the team to beat. Look for them to blow by Supernova Jpn [SpNv] in the first round, squeak by Bambis Dont Say [Meow] in round two, and go toe-to-toe with Ominous Latin Name [tag] in the semifinals. In a rematch with MH in the Finals, look for EW to keep MH off balance with the wide variety of builds they can run.
  2. Mostly Harmless [MH]. Long overshadowed by other American region guilds, Mostly Harmless has really made a name for itself in this tournament, even taking EW to game three in the eighth round of Swiss play. Mostly Harmless plays every match without fear. After dealing with ? ? [one] in round one, MH will have to get past eF and iQ in the next two rounds to get a rematch. Between these three guilds, however, this portion of the bracket becomes the most difficult to predict.
  3. Idiot Savants [iQ]. Despite their relative obscurity on the ladder right now, iQ remains a strong contender, as evidenced by tournament wins over fellow playoff guilds wR, eF, iPod, and LaG. After winning a rematch with LaG in round one, look for iQ to defeat OUT in round two before tussling with the winner of the MH-eF matchup.
  4. Ominous Latin Name [tag]. This guild has seen playoff action before. Having defeated guilds such as LaG and QQ to get to the playoffs, tag seems primed to make a run for the gold trim. With its only Celestial Tournament loss coming at the hands of fellow playoff guild Team Everfrost [eF], tag will find a way to deal with acid and wR on the way to a match up with EW on Sunday.
  5. Winners Remorse [wR]. While some may not have heard of wR, this guild has quite a bit of collective experience among its members. Between their ability to play multiple styles of builds and some strong individual play, look for wR to find a solution for beating Listen To [iPod], which seems to rely on one strong build that it runs really, really effectively, before facing off against [tag] for the right to play EW.
  6. Team Everfrost [eF]. If they take this tournament seriously, they will challenge for the gold trim. They have the talent to win, but after their lackluster performance during the Winterfest Tournament, eF will have to show they have the desire to win in the playoffs. Look for them to survive their rematch against Serious Sin [SiN] before engaging in an epic battle with MH.
  7. Bambis Dont Say [Meow]. After losing to Winterfest champions Peace and Harmony [PnH] in the first round of Swiss play, Meow has had to survive scheduling issues (winning a late-night match using a Healer Henchman), mid-Tournament skill nerfs, and a round eight match against the top guild on the Guild Ladder, Virtual Dragons [vD], to make it into the playoffs. Look for them to back up their own high Guild Ladder ranking with a solid performance in the playoffs.
  8. Time is Running [OUT]. Despite their strong play, OUT will have its hands full trying to get past iQ in the second round of the playoffs.
  9. Battery Powered Best Friend [Vibe]
  10. Rus Corp [RUS]
  11. Serious Sin [SiN]
  12. Temporal Flux Reality [acid]
  13. Listen To [iPod]
  14. 한 얼[one]
  15. Zero Files Remaining [LaG]
  16. Supernova Jpn [SpNv]

Celestial Predictions: Adam

  1. Mostly Harmless [MH]. I know some of the guys from MH well; they are a top quality team, and many of them have been around Guild Wars for a long time. With eF and iQ on their side of the bracket it's going to be a tough road, but I think they are up to the task. They have been playing well lately, and they definitely have what it takes to finish the drill.
  2. Esoteric Warriors [EW]. Esoteric Warriors continues to be Europe's best representatives in the Guild Wars world. They are a team with few weaknesses, but I think that whichever team comes out on top of the super-competitive lower side of the tournament bracket is going to have an advantage.
  3. Idiot Savants [iQ]. Another consistent top placer, iQ is inventive and unpredictable in tournament play. Their biggest strength has always been their builds and strategies, but I think they are a bit less well-rounded and adaptable than EW.

My other picks:

  1. Ominous Latin Name [tag]
  2. Team Everfrost [eF]
  3. Time is Running [OUT]
  4. Winners Remorse [wR]
  5. Battery Powered Best Friend [Vibe]
  6. Zero Files Remaining [LaG]
  7. Bambis Dont Say [Meow]
  8. Temporal Flux Reality [acid]
  9. Rus Corp [RUS]
  10. Serious Sin [SiN]
  11. 한 얼[one]
  12. Supernova Jpn [SpNv]
  13. Listen To [iPod]

Thank you to our writers for making predictions. We'll know shortly whether they were right or not. And don't forget to make your own predictions!

Harold J. Chow is one of our freelance Guild Wars reporters. His in-game name is Guild Informant.

Adam Sunstrom has been playing Guild Wars since February 2004 when he joined the Alpha test, and has been interested in the competitive aspects of the game from the beginning. In the early Beta Weekend Events, he led his former clan, The Fianna, with success. He is currently a member of Black Widow [Wi] and the proud holder of one [iA] stamp of approval.

Christian Brellisford is a college student currently studying video game design in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in hopes of pursuing a career in the field. A gamer since an early age, Christian has been involved with Guild Wars since the E3 for Everyone Event in 2004, and currently leads the Spirits of War guild. You can find him in game under the name Saidin Writer.