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April Xunlai PvP Predictors

This time, we are publishing the entire list of predictions and explanations from a regular contributor. Right or wrong, it makes for an interesting read, and may shape your own Xunlai predictions.

Jakal Storm


  1. Epic Failing Europeans [Euro]
    While undoubtedly a top European guild, going into this tournament they are a dark horse. Due to the recent skill update and how it affects people's game play, this should give them the opportunity to surprise everybody. Most of their players have been at the highest level of competition this game has to offer for a long time and they know how to get things done.
  2. You Failed [uF]
    Since the last Monthly Tournament, they have maintained their position on the top of the ladder and will once again attempt to mirror such a rank in a tournament setting. In the past they have absolutely dominated in the Swiss Rounds and I expect them to do so once again. They are a solid guild who should finally get the opportunity to both play in the final match and have a good shot at winning it.
  3. Stealing Society [StS]
    As the runner-up to the last Monthly Tournament, they have finally seen their show in the finals of a tournament and will try to get their again. They are one of the top European guilds in the game and their level of success is steadily increasing. They will be trying to identify what went wrong last tournament, and fix it in time to finally capture the championship.
  4. Dark Alley [dR]
    A glimmer of light has shone on Dark Alley. In the RAWR cup, they toppled the rival [rawr] juggernaut and finally won a tournament which many had predicted for some time now. They will try to repeat such a performance and, knowing [dR], will put on a show while doing so.
  5. Rebel Rising [rawr]
    As always, [rawr] has a great chance of pulling out a great performance and is always in contention for the shot at the title. Unfortunately for them, they have been proved very beatable in the recent RAWR cup, and the recent skill update has severely hindered their style of play and they will have to adjust very quickly to perform similar to their past level of success.
  6. Whats Going On [sup]
    [sup] has maintained a certain level of both tournament and ladder performance for some time now. They are now an established European guild who knows what they are doing at this level of competition, but have yet to truly break through and show their potential in getting to the finals of a Monthly Tournament.
  7. Virtual Dragons [vD]
    These past champions are back and ready to see whether they can again compete on the highest of levels. They will try to recapture the magic they had in the two Monthly Tournaments where they came out victorious. I believe they shall be fairly successful. The metagame between now and their prime is very similar, and most of their core has returned. They are still a bit rusty and unpredictable however, and the recent skill balance has done little to help their style of play.
  8. Be Team [be]
    Be Team is another guild returning to the competitive level after a break. They have once again reestablished a talented core of players, but other teams have had a much longer time to play together and establish a sense of teamwork. At this point many would consider Be Team a sort of wildcard whose tournament performance is up in the air.

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