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Match Report

#1 War Machine [WM] versus #5 Irresistible Blokes [iB] — July 8, 2006
War Machine defeats iB to reach the finals.
By Adam Sunstrom

Game One

#1 War Machine [WM] #5 Irresistible Blokes [iB]
W/A—Devastating Hammer, Fierce Blow, Frenzy, Sprint, Death's Charge W/A—Eviscerate, Frenzy, Rush, Bull's Strike, Healing Signet, Expunge Enchantments
W/A—Eviscerate, Bull's Strike, Frenzy, Sprint W/N—Earth Shaker, Crushing Blow, Hammer Bash, Irresistible Blow, Frenzy, Rush
Me/Mo—Energy Surge, Diversion, Power Leak, Drain Enchantment Mo/Me—Air of Enchantment, Smite Hex, Balthazar's Aura, Judge's Insight, Guardian, Reversal of Fortune, Zealot's Fire
Me/A—Energy Surge, Energy Burn, Diversion, Dark Escape Mo/A—Air of Enchantment, Zealot's Fire, Guardian, Reversal of Fortune
Rt/Me—Ritual Lord, Shelter, Soothing, Union, Displacement Mo/Me—Energy Drain, Distortion, Reversal of Fortune, Protective Spirit, Inspired Hex, Mend Condition, Divine Boon
Mo/Me—Air of Enchantment, Guardian, Reversal of Fortune, Balthazar's Aura, Zealot's Fire Mo/Me—Mantra of Recall, Inspired Hex, Reversal of Fortune, Mend Ailment, Protective Spirit
Mo/Me—Mantra of Recall, Protective Spirit, Mend Condition, Divine Boon, Reversal of Fortune E/Mo—Ether Prodigy, Blinding Flash, Shard Storm, Ice Spikes, Deep Freeze, Armor of Mist, Extinguish, Heal Party
Mo/Me—Mantra of Recall, Revealed Hex, Guardian, Reversal of Fortune, Divine Boon E—Mage Henchman

In the Season Three semi-final match-up between War Machine [WM] and Irresistible Blokes [iB], a misunderstanding left the latter team minus one player and playing with a henchman. At times during the match, members of Irresistible Blokes expressed their frustration by wearing novelty headgear like the Pumpkin Crown and the Christmas hat.

Dark Escape
Dark Escape
Dark EscapeDark Escape
Assassin - Shadow Arts - Stance
Energy: 5
Activation: 0
Duration: 5..15
Recharge: 30
Stance. For 5..15 seconds, you move 25% faster and take half damage. Dark Escape ends if you successfully hit with an attack.

The first game took place on the Isle of Weeping Stone, with War Machine defending. WM, the number-one seeded Korean team, used a heavy pressure build with two Warriors, a smiting Monk, and two Mesmers. The guild used two standard Boon of Protection Monks and a Ritualist as its defensive teammates. The Mesmer/Assassin ran flags with Dark Escape.

Monk - Protection Prayers - Spell
Energy: 15
Activation: 1
Recharge: 12
Spell. Remove one Condition from each party member. Party members relieved of Burning are healed for 10..100 Health.

Irresistible Blokes used a build somewhat similar in design to War Machine. Its damage consisted of two Warriors, two Smiting Monks, and a Mage Henchman, and its defensive line contained two standard Boon of Protection Monks. Its flag-runner was more standard, an Elementalist/Monk with Extinguish and Heal Party.

Both teams clashed in the center of the map immediately, and War Machine proved very strong early on. At 8:00, one of WM's Warriors got stuck in the ground, and Irresistible Blokes effected a mercy killing with Balthazar's Aura shortly after. The same thing happened with one of War Machine's Mesmers at the stairs leading up to the flag stand, and Irresistible Blokes killed him, too.

After fifteen minutes had passed, Irresistible Blokes found itself ahead by one kill on the morale chart due to the bugs. Seconds before 16:00, War Machine managed to kill Urzas Salvation, who sat far into the front lines. While he resurrected at the shrine in iB's base, War Machine quickly followed up by killing two other Monks. WM pushed hard, and at 20:00 they had backed Irresistible Blokes up to its front gate and taken a sizable morale advantage.

At 22:37, War Machine gained the first Morale Boost of the night. Irresistible Blokes gathered its team and advanced again, but they failed to capture the watchtower despite two kills. War Machine took the initiative once more, and Irresistible Blokes retreated. There was some sporadic fighting at Irresistible Blokes' front gate until 30:00.

Victory or Death caught War Machine off guard, and it was unprepared when enemy NPCs arrived at its front gate. The team took heavy damage and was lucky to escape with only one casualty. Back at the flag stand, WM refocused and took control of the battle. Its significant morale advantage allowed its team members to hack their way to Irresistible Blokes' Guild Lord, killing him at 34:06.

Game Two

#1 War Machine [WM] #5 Irresistible Blokes [iB]
A/Me—Aura of Displacement, Healing Breeze, Golden Phoenix Strike, Falling Spider, Shadow Refuge, Horns of the Ox, Twisting Fangs, Dark Escape A/E—Aura of Displacement, Dark Escape, Caltrops, Shock, Falling Spider, Shadow Refuge
A/Me—Aura of Displacement, Jungle Strike, Dark Escape, Leaping Mantis Sting, Caltrops W/A—Devastating Hammer, Fierce Blow, Crushing Blow, Frenzy, Rush, Healing Signet, Ressurection Signet, Recall
W/A—Eviscerate, Executioner's Strike, Bull's Strike, Sprint, Recall, Frenzy W/A—Eviscerate, Executioner's Strike, Bull's Strike, Frenzy, Rush, Ressurection Signet
Mo/A—Air of Enchantment, Guardian, Reversal of Fortune, Balthazar's Aura, Zealot's Fire, Recall R/Me—Crippling Shot, Blackout, Troll Unguent, Distortion
Me/Mo—Energy Surge, Energy Burn, Diversion, Ressurect, Shatter Enchantment, Draw Conditions R/Me—Crippling Shot, Apply Poison, Dodge, Blackout, Distortion, Distracting Shot
E/Mo—Ether Prodigy, Ice Spikes, Lightning Orb Mo/Me—Mantra of Recall, Mend Ailment, Divine Boon, Reversal of Fortune, Inspired Hex
Mo/Me—Mantra of Recall, Divine Boon, Mend Condition, Reversal of Fortune, Protective Spirit Mo/Me—Divine Boon, Reversal of Fortune, Mend Condition, Protective Spirit, Inspired Hex
Mo/Me—Mantra of Recall, Mend Condition, Reversal of Fortune, Guardian, Protective Spirit W—Fighter Henchman

The second game took place on the Druid's Isle, with Irresistible Blokes defending.

Irresistible Blokes used a split build with two Crippling Shot Rangers and an Assassin. War Machine brought a split build as well, with two Assassins and an Elementalist/Monk flag runner.

The first fight took place on the slope east of center, leading down toward War Machine's base. From here, iB's Assassin/Elementalist tried to split off toward the front gate but was caught and killed before he could reach an NPC. War Machine sent an Assassin around the west side at the same time, but he was driven home by one of Irresistible Blokes' Rangers.

After a brief period of straight battle, each team attempted another split with the same players, and again each had very little success.

War Machine had gained the upper hand in the center by this point and pushed Irresistible Blokes back into the iB base. Threatened by a split from the west, WM chose not to continue on, but rather to secure the flag stand. It gained the first Morale Boost of the game at 10:41.

Irresistible Blokes moved side-to-side in its base for several minutes, trying to make an opening on either side for a split in the direction of War Machine's base, but its attempts were blocked. At 13:30, War Machine pushed on into iB's base with full morale. With its Death Penalties stacking up, Irresistible Blokes could do little to stop the onslaught, and the game was over at 19:48.

Adam has been playing Guild Wars since February 2004 when he joined the Alpha test and has been interested in the competitive aspects of the game from the beginning. In the early Beta Weekend Events, he led his former clan, The Fianna, with success. He is currently a member of Black Widow [Wi].