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Match Report

#12 The Benecia Renovatio [RenO] defeats #5 War Machine [WM] – June 20, 2006
RenO challenges WM's #2 spot in the Korean Region
By Harold J. Chow

Our feature match this week involves two of the top Korean guilds as they tried to secure spots in the Season Three Playoffs. Since the release of Guild Wars over a year ago, War Machine [WM] has consistently finished among the top guilds in the world. Known for its uncanny ability to execute successful split strategies in practically every guild hall, WM presents a tough challenge to any team. The Benecia Renovatio made a strong showing in the first season of the GWFC, only to miss the Season Two playoffs by a narrow margin. RenO still has a chance to surpass WM and obtain a second slot in the GWFC Finals for Korea, but must first top WM in the final ladder standings.

Mesmer - Domination Magic - Hex Spell
Energy: 10
Activation: 3
Duration: 6
Recharge: 12
Hex Spell. For 6 seconds, the next time target foe uses a skill, that skill takes an additional 10..56 seconds to recharge.

For this match, War Machine brought an unconventional offense consisting of two Assassins, two Warriors, and two Domination Mesmers. Assassins are capable of separating from the main group to eliminate NPCs quickly, and this is typical of WM's split-team tactics. The Benecia Renovatio used a more conventional build featuring two Warriors, two Elementalists, a Domination Mesmer, and three Monks. As a twist, one of RenO's Monks carried Smiting Prayers such as Zealot's Fire and Balthazar's Aura to aid offense, while its Elementalists used Water Magic Hexes to slow down opponents and enable the Warriors and Smiting Monk to deal more damage.

Zealot's Fire
Zealot's Fire
Zealot's FireZealot's Fire
Monk - Smiting Prayers - Enchantment Spell
Energy: 10
Activation: 0.25
Duration: 60
Recharge: 30
Enchantment Spell. For 60 seconds, whenever you use a Skill that targets an ally, all foes adjacent to that target are struck for 5..35 fire damage and you lose 1 Energy.


#5 War Machine [WM] #12 The Benecia Renovatio [RenO]
A/W – Aura of Displacement, Golden Phoenix Strike, Horns of the Ox, Falling Spider, Sprint W/E – Hammer Warrior with Bull's Strike, Devastating Hammer, Hammer Bash, and Crushing Blow
A/W – Aura of Displacement, Leaping Mantis Strike, Jungle Strike, Twisting Fangs, Caltrops Me/Mo – Energy Surge Mesmer with Diversion
W/E – Axe Warrior with Shock and Eviscerate E/Mo – Water Elementalist with Ice Spikes, Teinai's Prison, Ice Spikes
W/A – Axe Warrior with Bull's Strike and Eviscerate Mo/Me – Divine Boon Protection Monk with Mantra of Recall, Contemplation of Purity, and Gift of Health
Me/Mo – Energy Surge Mesmer with Diversion and Power Drain W/E – Axe Warrior with Shock, Eviscerate, and Penetrating Blow
Me/Mo Energy Surge Mesmer with Diversion, Shatter Enchantment, and Drain Enchantment E/Mo – Water Elementalist flag runner with Ice Prison, Blinding Flash, Healing Breeze, and Armor of Mist
Mo/Me – Divine Boon Protection Monk with Mantra of Recall Mo/Me – Air of Enchantment Smiter Monk with Zealot's Fire, Reversal of Fortune, and Hex Breaker
Mo/Me – Divine Boon Protection Monk with Mantra of Recall Mo/Me – Divine Boon Protection Monk with Mantra of Recall and Protective Spirit
Morale Boosts: 2 (13:27, 32:25) Morale Boosts: 1 (27:15)

The two guilds faced off at RenO's guild hall, Wizard's Isle. Like the Warrior's Isle and Hunter's Isle, this guild hall features two fortress-style bases with locked gates and a repairable trebuchet outside each. After repairing a trebuchet with the provided repair kit, players on either team can fire it to strike a random location in the front courtyard of the base it faces and kill anyone in the impact zone. Each team also has a Guild Thief who has the ability to follow a party member and open the enemy gates from the outside.

Both guilds headed to the flag stand at the beginning of the match. War Machine sent its Assassins with the Guild Thief to infiltrate RenO's base from the rear. RenO countered with its own split, sending its Mesmer and its Elementalist flag runner to defend the base. At the same time, RenO attempted to infiltrate WM's base with a Warrior, Smiting Monk, and Guild Thief. Getting a taste of its own medicine, WM was forced to send three players back to defend the base. This led to a three-on-four battle at the center of the map. By 2:00, WM had chased RenO out of the WM base, but not before RenO's infiltration team had eliminated two of WM's NPC Archers.

Skill Spotlight

Air of Enchantment
Smiting Monks have become popular in Guild Wars Factions thanks to their new elite skill Air of Enchantment. A Smiting Monk can place Air of Enchantment on an ally and continually trigger Zealot's Fire with skills such as Reversal of Fortune and Guardian at no Energy cost. This allows the Smiting Monk to generate constant damage. Air of Enchantment likewise reduces the cost of healing for the team's Protection Monks.

RenO quickly lost the advantage of superior numbers at the flag stand because back home its base defenders could not fight off WM's Assassin assault. RenO cornered and killed one of WM's Assassins at 3:11, as the other—showing typical Assassin behavior—retreated out the back gate with the Guild Thief. Amid the chaos, one of WM's Warriors retrieved the repair kit to repair the trebuchet outside RenO's base at 3:22, thereby making it dangerous to use RenO's front gate.

WM became the first team to capture the flag stand at 4:25, while RenO tried to regroup. RenO's attention was on the flag, and WM's Assassins took advantage of this, returning in an attempt to eliminate more NPCs. They did not meet a hapless NPC and instead caught RenO's flag runner in a one-on-one situation. With its flag runner stuck inside the base trying to counter WM's vicious Assassin with Blinding Flash and water Hexes, RenO executed another split maneuver to send its Warrior and Smiting Monk into WM's base while its Mesmer freed up the flag runner. RenO avoided a situation that would allow WM to move close enough to fire the trebuchet by keeping the battle on three different fronts. The maneuver proved costly, and WM's Assassin killed RenO's Mesmer at 6:47 to clear the way for more NPC elimination. While repelling the assault on its base, WM also slew RenO's Guild Thief and forced the squad to withdraw.

Before 8:00, RenO sent a Monk and its flag runner back to assist the Mesmer, who would otherwise have to face WM's rampaging Assassin alone upon resurrecting. WM answered by sending its other Assassin with a Monk, causing the RenO players to retreat. Forced into defending its base from two Assassins, the RenO flag runner could not break free to run another flag. WM's Assassins had disrupted RenO enough to secure a morale boost at 13:27. Adding to RenO's woes, WM's Assassins broke through RenO's defenses to kill the RenO flag runner moments later.

RenO regrouped and pushed a flag out to the stand, narrowly avoiding another WM morale boost. RenO valiantly countered WM's Assassin-based split tactics and prevented WM from using the trebuchet, the two teams alternating control of the flag stand for the next ten minutes. Having suffered several casualties, RenO made a move to level the playing field for Victory or Death.

Leaving behind its flag runner and a Monk to hinder the WM Assassins, RenO surged toward the flag stand with both its repair kit and flag. Facing the rush, WM backed off the stand to allow its Warrior/Assassin to sneak by the crowd and eliminate the remaining NPCs outside RenO's base. With this deceptive fallback, however, WM allowed RenO to repair the trebuchet outside of WM's base. In an ironic turn of events, one of WM's Assassin's fired RenO's trebuchet as they fled the base and killed WM's other Assassin. RenO quickly converged on WM's Warrior and Assassin and killed them before they could get in range of a friendly Monk. RenO's morale boost at 27:15 capped off this twist.

Protective Spirit
Protective Spirit
Protective SpiritProtective Spirit
Monk - Protection Prayers - Enchantment Spell
Energy: 10
Activation: 0.25
Duration: 5..23
Recharge: 5
Enchantment Spell. For 5..23 seconds, target ally cannot lose more than 10% max Health due to damage from a single attack or Spell.

With WM forced to retreat into its base to avoid trebuchet blasts, RenO started eliminating WM Archers. When WM's fallen players resurrected at 28:00, WM split again and sent half the team out the rear gate while the rest of the team tried to push out the front under guise of Protective Spirit. But by Victory or Death, WM had lost its Assassin again and could not reach RenO's trebuchet.

RenO managed to block WM's front gate with a Warrior and started firing WM's trebuchet into its own courtyard to eliminate the approaching NPCs. This ploy resulted in RenO deaths from stray shots and allowed WM to recapture the flag stand, but RenO managed to eliminate one of WM's Bodyguards and several Archers. With its own Bodyguards and Archers arriving safely at the flag stand, RenO eliminated WM's other Bodyguard to secure control of the flag stand area. WM had difficulty keeping up with the damage from RenO's NPCs despite a morale boost at 32:25. WM tried to kill RenO's temporarily exposed Guild Lord, but RenO could now easily afford to send some players to the Guild Lord's defense.

Monk - No Attribute - Spell
Energy: 10
Activation: 5
Recharge: 8
Spell. Resurrect target party member. Target party member is returned to life with 25% Health and zero Energy.

Not to be so easily cast down, WM's assault team turned on RenO's players and threatened to turn the tide with some quick kills. RenO—being nothing if not resourceful—fired its own trebuchet, killing off WM's assault team in a single blast. RenO's Mesmer/Monk used Resurrect to revive the RenO players fallen in WM's blitz and RenO had its full team back at the flag stand to defend its Guild Lord. Unable to crack RenO's well-fortified position, WM fell to its Korean rival at 39:12.

Harold J. Chow is one of our freelance Guild Wars reporters. His in-game name is Guild Informant.