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Match Report

Irresistible Blokes [iB] vs War Machine [WM] — May 27, 2006
iB knocks off WM 2-0, setting up the European-only playoff Finals.
By Joby Campbell

Game One

Game One took place on the Burning Isle map. War Machine's melee-heavy build ran up against the more balanced team Irresistible Blokes fielded. Despite taking the early advantage, War Machine was later pushed back to their own base and eventually beaten. The match lasted roughly 34 minutes.

Game 1 Lineup:
#2 War Machine [WM] #6 Irresistible Blokes [iB]
A/Me – Teleporting Assassin with Aura of Displacement W/A – Sword Warrior with Shadow Shroud
A/Me – Teleporting Assassin with Aura of Displacement W/E – Axe Warrior with Eviscerate, Shock, "Shields Up!"
R/W - "Bunny Thumper" Ranger with Ferocious Strike, Irresistible Blow N/Mo – Hex Necromancer with Offering of Blood, Faintheartedness, Life Siphon, Aegis
R/W - "Bunny Thumper" Ranger with Ferocious Strike, Irresistible Blow Me/Mo – Hex Mesmer with Energy Drain, Spirit Shackles, Conjure Phantasm
R/W - "Bunny Thumper" Ranger with Ferocious Strike, Irresistible Blow E/Mo – Support Elementalist with Ether Prodigy, Heal Party, Water snares, Air attacks
N/Mo – Death Necromancer with Tainted Flesh, Extinguish Mo/Me - "Boon Protection" Monk with Mantra of Recall, Divine Boon
Mo/Me - "Boon Protection" Monk with Mantra of Recall, Divine Boon Mo/Me - "Boon Protection" Monk with Energy Drain, Divine Boon
Mo/Me - "Boon Protection" Monk with Mantra of Recall, Divine Boon R/Me – Flag runner Ranger with Crippling Shot, Apply Poison, Blackout
Morale Boosts: 5:51, 7:51, 9:51, 11:51, 13:51, 15:51 Morale Boosts: 17:52, 19:52, 25:15, 27:15, 29:15, 31:15, 33:15

As the Burning Isle is one of the more linear guild halls in the game, this game kicked off with both teams proceeding to the center, flags in tow. The teams met on the upper level while their flag runners ran for the lower level. War Machine's Ranger/Warrior and Assassin/Mesmer set-up was able to knock huge chunks off of iB's life with coordinated attacks. By using Enchantments that blocked physical attacks, Irresistible Blow made it hard to mitigate that damage. Irresistible Blokes took a more balanced approach to dealing damage by including more degeneration from Conditions and Hexes. The distributed pressure was difficult for War Machine to deal with. War Machine's Necromancer/Monk could only deal with Condition degeneration using Extinguish, but iB's Elementalist/Monk effectively stopped that Necromancer's Disease effects by using Heal Party. Irresistible Blokes scored first blood early on, but shortly after 4:00, the heavy melee damage began eliminating members of the iB team. By 5:30, half of the team had died, including the flagrunner. iB was forced back into its base.

Irresistible Blow
Irresistible Blow
Irresistible Blow Irresistible Blow
Warrior - Hammer Mastery - Attack
Energy: 5
Activation: 0
Recharge: 6
Attack. If this attack hits, you strike for +5..20 damage. If Irresistible Blow is blocked, your target is knocked down and takes 5..20 damage.

Irresistible Bloke couldn't push War Machine out until nearly 10:00, but it did eventually start to score kills, and it made good use of that momentum. By 13:00, War Machine was in full retreat, sustaining a number of deaths. WM continued to get morale until 15:51, when iB finally made the capture. In the meantime, War Machine made excellent use of its Assassins. Teleportation marks had been set inside of iB's base, and at 11:00, one Bodyguard was killed while both teams were fighting at the flag stand. An Assassin attempted the same trick at 14:00 but was stopped by iB's Ranger. The tactic succeeded at 16:00. Irresistible Blokes no longer had any Bodyguards, but otherwise, things were going in this team's favor. iB then pushed War Machine all the way back into its base.

A scuffle at the gates of War Machine's Guild Lord platform turned its disadvantage into a stalemate. At 19:10, a strong push for the flag drove out iB, taking the fight right back to the center. Irresistible Blokes took hold of the match again at 22:30 by killing a number of War Machine's players as they retreated back toward their base. Following them in, Irresistible Blokes began a long siege of War Machine's base, putting enough pressure on WM to kill a few defenders. iB even managed to lure a Bodyguard out of the base and kill it.

At 29:00, it became apparent that the match would not be over before Victory or Death. Irresistible Blokes retreated, setting up a blockade with its Warriors on top of the bridge outside of War Machine's base. By this time, War Machine had three Archers and one Bodyguard remaining, while Irresistible Blokes only had three Archers. War Machine came out with its NPC and heavily attacked the Warriors on the bridge. There were several close calls, but the blockade held without the Warriors dying. At approximately 32:00, Irresistible Blokes was able to start killing War Machine and its NPCs, scoring just shy of ten kills in under two minutes. At 34:00, War Machine was ready to resign or quit the game. By 34:09, none were left, leaving Irresistible Blokes as the victorious guild.

Game Two

The second game took place on the Imperial Isle. This game was not well received by the Observer Mode community. Irresistible Blokes brought a Feast of Corruption spike build, making it very difficult for War Machine to fight head-on. Because of the constrained layout of the map, Irresistible Bloke also found it difficult to split. As a result, most of the match was a game of tag around the flag stand, with only a few blink-and-you'll-miss-it deaths between long stretches without real confrontation. The bulk of the 42-minute match was not actually spent fighting.

Game 2 Lineup
#2 – War Machine [WM] #6 – Irresistible Blokes
A/Me – Teleporting Assassin with Aura of Displacement N/Mo – Spike Necromancer with Feast of Corruption, Shadow of Fear, Aegis, Spirit Bond, Extinguish
A/Me – Teleporting Assassin with Aura of Displacement N/Mo – Spike Necromancer with Feast of Corruption, Mend Condition, Aegis, Protective Spirit
Me/Mo – Domination Mesmer with Expel Hexes, Energy Burn, Cry of Frustration, Resurrection Chant N/Mo – Spike Necromancer with Feast of Corruption, Suffering, Parasitic Bond
Mo/Me - "Boon Prot" Monk with Mantra of Recall, Divine Boon N/Mo – Spike Necromancer with Feast of Corruption, Desecrate Enchantments, Faintheartedness
W/E – Sword Warrior with "Charge!", Shock N/Mo – Spike Necromancer with Feast of Corruption, Strip Enchantment, Heal Party
R/Me – Ranger with Crippling Shot, Apply Poison Rt/Me – Restoration/Channeling Ritualist with Recuperation, Life, Gaze from Beyond
Me/Mo – Domination Mesmer with Expel Hexes, Energy Burn, Cry of Frustration, Resurrection Chant Rt/Mo – Communing Ritualist with Soul Twisting, Union, Shelter, Shadowsong, Binding Chains
Mo/Me - "Boon Protection" Monk with Mantra of Recall, Divine Boon R/W – Spirit Spammer and Flagrunner Ranger with Muddy Terrain, Storm Chaser
Morale Boosts: 7:12, 10:48, 26:53, 33:20, 35:20 Morale Boosts: 24:00

The Imperial Isle is a very straightforward map, with one large center area between bases, and side paths that are really hallways separated from the main area by a thin wall and stairs. Irresistible Blokes had a build designed to stick together, and so it advanced down the center of the map as one group. War Machine, on the other hand, had brought a build that was more split-friendly. Most of the War Machine team went down the eastern path, while an Assassin took the Guild Thief along the western path, where its flag spawns. War Machine's main group was spotted by Irresistible Blokes, and War Machine's group took the teleporter from the eastern path to the wesern one to avoid confronting the larger group directly.

War Machine then split into two medium-sized groups on opposite sides of Irresistible Blokes. At 2:30, it tried fighting directly but made little headway against the high-damage, high-defense build and retreated again, avoiding any direct fighting while attempting to sneak around for a shot at the base NPCs. At approximately 5:30, one group had managed to get into the base, but it had little time to cause damage before Irresistible Blokes fell back on the group. In the retreat, an Assassin was spiked down instantly. The next eight minutes were spent with no real confrontation—it was basically a game of tag around the flag and iB's base. War Machine suffered spike deaths at 6:43, 7:24, 8:09, 11:54, and 12:20, but these were errant stragglers rather than the result of any two-way combat.

Feast of Corruption
Feast of Corruption
Feast of CorruptionFeast of Corruption [Elite]
Necromancer - Curses - Spell
Energy: 15
Activation: 2
Recharge: 20
Spell. Target foe and all adjacent foes are struck for 16..80 shadow damage. You steal up to 8..40 Health from each struck foe who is suffering from a Hex.

At 13:30, iB made a push toward War Machine's base, which was aimed at killing the NPCs in front. This succeeded, but any further pushes were stopped because of concern that War Machine's Assassins would be granted a change to freely attack iB's base while they were away. Afterward, iB retreated toward the center of the map again, and the game of tag resumed. More incidental deaths were suffered by War Machine at 13:50, 16:00, 19:49, 20:20, and 20:40 – the last being a flag carrier, whose fumble was picked up by a teammate who captured the stand.

One more kill was scored at 28:57, and the real fight commenced at 29:30, only seconds away from Victory or Death. Surprisingly, every member was left standing until just after 30:00, when one of War Machine's Monks was killed. At 31:06, War Machine's Bodyguards arrived at the flag stand and were killed. One group of them entered iB's base to attack the undefended Guild Lord, forcing the spike team to retreat . During this time, the War Machine group remaining at the flag stand killed iB's Bodyguards and most of the other NPCs who had come to the stand. iB began to return to the flag stand at 33:00 but was stopped by an aggressive War Machine group keeping the fight at its base. An Assassin teleported back to the Guild Lord at 33:20, accomplishing little before being severely injured and retreating.

Expel Hexes
Expel Hexes
Expel HexesExpel Hexes [Elite]
Mesmer - No Attribute - Spell
Energy: 5
Activation: 1
Recharge: 8
Spell. Remove up to 2 Hexes from target ally.

War Machine did a stand-up job of fighting toe-to-toe with iB at its base, but it didn't manage to damage the Guild Lord or score any kills on iB's players. At 35:00, the Guild Lords started walking toward the flag stand. Unable to delay much longer, War Machine retreated toward the flag stand to wait while Irresistible Blokes huddled around the advancing Lord. By 37:00, the fight had come down to a head-on melee at the flag stand. The combination of a powerful spike and accumulated Death Penalty made the outcome a foregone conclusion, and War Machine suffered many deaths despite making a Herculean effort to hang on. At 37:27, iB's Ritualist/Monk was killed—the only death keeping Irresistible Blokes from winning a Flawless Victory—and for several minutes afterward, War Machine managed to survive, slowly wearing down as every spike started to kill them a little more easily than the last. At 42:30, War Machine's Guild Lord died, making Irresistible Blokes the winners of the Game and the Match, and sending them to the Finals against Esoteric Warriors.