Seasonal Fare

Autumn winds blow through the lands and shorter nights herald the coming of a special holiday. Often during this seasonal lull between the long, sweet days of summer and the short, bitter days of winter, my thoughts turn to my childhood and to fond memories of my grandmother's baked goods and the pungent odors wafting from grandfather's barn as he turned apples into cider.

What brings this to mind is some interesting news I learned while traveling through Tyria, Cantha, and Elona these past few weeks. It seems the Fraternal Order of Bakers and Brewers (FOBB) plans to gather at secret locations across the lands to exchange recipes, share samples of their goods, and spread their special brand of cheer (to the dismay of bar maids and innkeepers alike).

What may interest you, gentle readers, is that in the past, the participants of these surreptitious banquets have often left for home not fully in control of all of their faculties (much like my grandfather after a day of making cider), and have been known to unwittingly leave some of their wares along the roadside as their carts bump and carom along the cobbles, where they have been picked up by various denizens of the area.

So, be on the alert in all three lands during the next several days, for you may find means to acquire samples of the latest FOBB confections or beverages. If past harvest convention fare is any indicator, these tasty treats are sure to please.

Tales and Stories of Great Heroes

The lands of Tyria, Elona, and Cantha have distinct and rich histories that are rife with conflict. These struggles have given rise to great heroes who fought or continue to fight against the forces of evil to protect their homelands. Each of these heroes has quite the tale to tell, but unfortunately, much of their history has been lost or diluted after years of being told and re-told during storytelling festivals or while gathered around the fire at local taverns. Few know the true stories behind the greatest iconic heroes of our world.

Soon, through the extraordinary efforts of Historian Durmand, current-day heroes will have the opportunity to learn first hand the noble history of the past and partake of rewards for the effort. Look for Durmand in the coming weeks, for he offers both grand tales and excellent rewards for those who seek them.

Random Acts of Kindness

I have been studying in solitude for quite some time as well as working with other scholars to aid the great historian, Durmand, on the project previously referenced in this scroll. However, I still found time to witness a few notable acts of kindness.

Far to the north of my sacred home, Sir Lexicor Astarte helped an adventurer find the mighty Norn hero, Magni the Bison, so he could test his might in the Norn Tournament. He also shared some words of advice to prepare his peer for the fierce challenges of that competition. Zoo Landr also offered a helping hand on quests.

In the bustling port city of Kamadan, Xenedraa Of Endylon gave a valuable axe to an ill-equipped Warrior, while Imotep Thee Great lead adventurers to the skill trainer to prepare them for the dangers of the untamed world.

Fall Into Suffering generously shared precious items with a fellow resident so those items could be passed on to other deserving citizens.

While battling my way to the Hall of Heroes, I witnessed a pair of praiseworthy combatants. I Nurse I and Devilish King fought with honor and showed respect for their opponents. I wish them both the best of luck in their endeavors to claim the Hall of Heroes.