The Gods Favor Us With a Very Special Weekend

The gods must be pleased with us! During the upcoming weekend, the Favor of the Gods will not be required to enter the Underworld and the Fissure of Woe. For some unexplained reason, all worthy citizens will be allowed to travel to these dangerous, yet profitable locales freely. This will no doubt be heralded as one of the grandest displays of divine endowment in recent history!

Not only has the Favor of the Gods requirement been lifted, but citizens embarking on these arduous journeys will find that the typical 1,000 gold piece tithe has been waived as well. Thus, citizens will be granted entry into these godly realms without any displays of loyalty and devotion, monetary or otherwise. This is great news for those of us who live a life of humble poverty, or for those who wish to make the greatest profit by cutting out the expense.

However, the gods will still demand that those who wish to set foot in these sacred lands prove worthy in their divine eyes. Thus, citizens seeking entry into the Underworld and the Fissure of Woe must have already reached Ascension. I personally believe this stipulation is for the protection of all, for it would be wise to wait until one is fully prepared before undertaking a trek into these perilous lands.

As usual, the intentions and motivations of the gods are largely a mystery—even to those, like myself, who have spent much of our lives studying divine teachings in search of enlightenment. While it might be inexplicable to mere mortals, I will certainly not argue with nor question this fine gift! If you have the courage and skill to survive in these perilous areas, make your way to the Temple of Ages, the Chantry of Secrets, or Zin Ku Corridor. You will not want to miss out on this divine opportunity.

Strange New Creatures Collect in Local Cities

As many have noticed, there is a new miniature in town. These creatures, with their protruding, rabbit-like ears and large, gleaming eyes have caught the attention of citizens all across Tyria, and generated much discussion throughout the lands.

While the origin of this creature is, for now, uncertain, citizens everywhere have shown great interest in learning more about these pets and discovering how to adopt one. Words like "adorable" and "precious" and "too cute for words" have been uttered upon seeing these creatures. But, don’t let their benign appearance fool you; I have seen the little fellows bare sharp teeth and assume a ferocious stance when their owners' backs are turned.

I am interested to learn more about these miniature creatures, but information is scarce at present. However, I am certain, this will not be the last we will see of them.

Random Acts of Kindness

I spent much of this week researching ancient tomes looking for an explanation regarding the unexpected opening of the Underworld and the Fissure of Woe. During my studies, I noted many kind citizens, whom I commend to you now.

While taking a break from studying in the libraries of Shing Jea Monastery, I witnessed Sugar Surraw lead a new student to the local Xunlai Agent, allowing the newcomer to lighten her cumbersome load. I also saw Death Blossom offer assistance to any novitiates in need of help.

My research later took me to a rather logical destination—the Temple of Ages in Kryta. While there, Sir Polt offered detailed directions to adventurers wishing to find the walking abomination known as Rotscale. Hopefully, with his directions, some brave souls will seek out and punish that undying menace!

Divining that I might find additional clues by visiting other portals to the Fissure of Woe and the Underworld, I set out for Zin Ku Corridor. On my way, The Pudding U Want offered to appraise items for citizens, and provided trading advice as well. Sharing his expertise to help others was a kind gesture, worthy of note.

After finding no substantial information in Cantha, I traveled on toward Elona to visit the Chantry of Secrets. I once again found myself unable to locate a satisfactory explanation for the phenomenon. However, I did witness Sir Damadmoo informing a fellow adventurer about the materials required to construct the much-sought-after Primeval Armor. I also saw Tat Wolf tell a new Sunspear recruit where and how to use Battle Commendations.

All of my travel and all of my research could not explain the upcoming event, but finding these kind souls gave meaning to my travels, nonetheless. We will simply have to categorize this odd occurrence as an unexplained miracle, and enjoy the benefit!