Construction in the Chantry of Secrets

As many of you may have noticed, the Order of Whispers seems to have undertaken some sort of construction project in the Chantry of Secrets. Being mysterious as usual, the Order has declined to confirm or deny rumors that this construction project is related to the previously unknown portion of the Realm of Torment they have been investigating. However, speculations and educated guesses—plus another conversation with my less-than-discrete contact in the Order—have all but proven a link between the two.

While the Order of Whispers is remaining silent about this new construction project, they have confirmed that a pathway into this new area will open soon to "those who have proven their abilities." Unsurprisingly, the description of how adventurers would go about "proving their abilities" to the Order was left somewhat vague. However, I have been assured that people will be given a clear way to establish they are ready to face the new challenges this area has to offer when the time is right.

Keep your eyes on the Chantry of Secrets, and keep your ears open for any mention of this new area that some are now calling the "Domain of Anguish". I have a strong feeling, though, that the way will be open within days, if not hours...

Wintergreen Challenge

The chill in the air and the frost on the ground can mean only one thing: Winter is upon us. With winter comes all the festivities and celebration of Wintersday. This year, it also brings a grand challenge for those who fancy themselves competitive Guild Battle connoisseurs. I talked recently with Kun Shao, the enthusiastic Xunlai Tournament Agent who has begun spreading the word about a new challenge with a superbly seasonal prize. From him I learned that this new challenge does not require combat participation to reap the rewards. Instead, the Xunlai will offer prizes to spectators for correctly predicting the final standings of guilds in the Wintergreen Tournament.

Even the prizes are in the spirit of the season! Those who select teams who perform well in combat will win Wintergreen items, much like the Candy Cane items distributed at last year's Wintersday Festival. However, instead of the bright red of last year's prizes, the new items are a minty shade of green! They are both functional in combat and fully tradable, making it likely the items will have significant value.

The guilds who win the Wintersday Challenge Tournament will, of course, be rewarded with these coveted Wintergreen items. Their prizes will range from a single item to a complete set, depending on the guild's final standing. But, the addition of the interactive spectator challenge is sure to make plenty of people happy this season, as they too can win varying numbers of special items based on their predictive prowess Be sure to speak with Xunlai Tournament Agent Kun Shao when he visits Lion's Arch, Kamadan, and Kaineng Center to get all the details!

Random Acts of Kindness

During a week of intense investigation into the mysterious happenings at the Chantry of Secrets, I did manage to witness kind acts that deserve mention in this week's missive.

While trading recipes with Chef Lonbahn in Kamadan, I saw Hypnus The Sandman offering both advice and items to new adventurers in need. My drake kabob was twice as enjoyable in the company of such a fine person.

Later, I made my way to the Astralarium to discuss recent events with a few Istani Scholars. While there, I saw both Friar Wark and Dylan Brisingamen helping a nervous newcomer find the most gracious way to ask a Hero to temporarily leave his party. While their response of "kick them" may not have portrayed the highest of social graces, their help was nonetheless useful.

While sojourning in Augury Rock to seek counsel from my friend Marchena, I saw Zen Warrior explaining to others how reaching Ascension allows for changing secondary professions. Witnessing this kind act made my long trek through the Crystal Desert worth it—sandy robes and all.

While preparing for my trip back to the Chantry of Secrets, I saw Baltasar Graciann giving away a unique shield to a complete stranger. I also saw Boom Soda and Wiked Necro, offering aid to a traveler seeking his secondary profession.

Thank you, fellow citizens, for your gracious acts of kindness!